Galaxy Note 10.1 looks to be at center of August 15 Samsung event


As we have speculated previously, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 looks to be the center of an upcoming August 15th press event hosted by the manufacturer. Just as Samsung’s invites to their IFA Unpacked event tipped us off to the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 2, the invite being sent to members of the press for the earlier event hints at the device’s larger tablet sibling. We expect to see a revamped tablet with quad-core processing and more, and we’ll be bringing you all the details as they roll in. The good news is the 15th isn’t so far off.


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  1. Hopefully this is the rumored high res tablet those court documents made reference to

    1. Hopefully not or Apple and their paid judge Koh will ban it prior to its release. I can almost guarantee Apple is pressuring that cow to ban any new releases while the court case is ongoing.

      1. Don’t tell her cow. Tell her bit.h

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