IFA Samsung Unpacked invitation hints at possible Galaxy Note 2 unveiling


Samsung has two events schedule for August, and rumors surrounding both claim they will be Note-worthy. See what I did there? With the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the rearview mirror, Samsung is shifting its focus to the successor to last year’s Galaxy Note. An invitation being sent around for the manufacturer’s IFA Unpacked event in Berlin seems to suggest it could be the subject of the day’s proceedings. Note the hardly subtle presence of a stylus. Rumor has it the Note 2 will feature a larger display than its predeccesor and a thinner form factor.

The development calls into question rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 might make an appearance at an August 15th press event. That event might still host something Note related, however. It wouldn’t be too farfetched for Samsung to use the occasion to relaunch the Galaxy Note 10.1, a tablet first unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February but since updated with a quad-core processor and redesigned aesthetics. Our money is on Samsung saving the slightly bigger announcement of the Note 2 for the world stage in Berlin.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. That’s a magic wand, not a stylus.

    1. Definitely a wand with the silhouette of a stylus. Clever marketing not, Phandroid being incorrect.

  2. That’s a magic wand, not a stylus. Note the hardly subtle presence of the word “MAGICAL”.

    1. You mean.. it’s a stylus not a magic wand?

  3. 29*8/2012 = .1153!!! Tricky Samsung with their hidden messages!

  4. Technically couldn’t it be both? They’re implying its magical hence the wand, but either device will have an accompanying stylus. (I think.) So really maybe its both. plus it does have the little colored end like most stylus’ I’ve ever seen.

  5. Aren’t these new stylus’ or S-Pens suppose to have erasers at the other end? I remember reading that a few months ago that you will be able to turn it over and erase what you just wrote. Would be awesome if true.

    1. Samsung’s stylus doesn’t have the eraser, but it’s made by Wacom and I know for a fact you can use an intuous Wacom stylus — which has an eraser — on the current Note; saw this on YouTube.

  6. If its a quad-core 1GB or higher device it’s almost a certain sell for me. The only thing that’s holding me back is that it will almost certainly be ICS with no Jelly Beans in sight.

  7. I’m sure it will be a new Note because T-Mobile just got the old one last week.

  8. Great their “magical” all of a sudden lol taking a page from another certain manufacturer lol

  9. What’s magical is if Apple doesn’t sue for copyright infringement for using the term “Magical”….

  10. its probably the galaxy note 10.1 but I would love to see the galaxy note 2

  11. A pad and a pencil with an eraser costs me £2,call me old fashioned but isn’t this the emperors new clothes going on here?

    1. and when you wanna share your notes with friends, you photocopy them and drop them in mailboxes to be sent all over the world…?!? common… 21st century! :D

    2. But do you carry a pencil and paper everywhere with you? And a sack of coloured pens with a scanner too?

      If you’ve ever tried signing your name on your phone with your finger you’ll know that they make a frustrating implement for writing and drawing. A stylus solves this problem by bringing a greater level of precision and control to your phone.

      If your not into writing, sketching, annotating or getting down abstract ideas that can’t be typed, it’s also great for games like Draw Something :-)

  12. Now Apple is using the word “magical” ?
    Apple’s lawsuit in 3…2…1….

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