Spotify for Android update adds personalized radio


Spotify has announced a great new update to their Android application. Today’s update, version, brings personalized radio for those who want to discover new artists based on the music they like. You can make radio stations on playlists, genres, artists, songs, or entire albums, and an up-vote/down-vote system will be used to help the app deliver more tracks that you may like.

The ability to save any song you like while it’s playing means you can always go back and play it again without having to wait for it to come through on your radio station. This is pretty much Pandora, except it’s packed into the entire Spotify experience. The best part is that this is all free (though don’t be surprised if there is an hourly skip rate of some sort). You can find it in the Google Play Store here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Odd link. Didn’t go to the Play Store.

  2. I downloaded and installed, but says a free trial for 48 hours

    1. The radio part is still free after the 48 hours.

  3. WOOT! I have been waiting for this since the damn app was released. I am so stoked to finally have this.

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