New Sony Xperia tablet with Tegra 3 leaked


It seems Sony will soon continue their efforts in the tablet game by bringing out another Android tablet. The Sony Xperia S was a good start for Sony in that traditional slate realm, and the Tablet P brought the unique quirkiness that might sell someone based on novelty alone, but the device leaked in these slides would appear to be a device a lot of people should have their eyes on.

It will feature a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, storage options between 16GB and 64GB, Android 4.0 (or later),  a 6,000 mAh battery rated for 10 hours on WiFi browsing, and a nice 8.8mm thin aluminum chassis. 3G and WiFi options will be available. One of the more interesting things so far is its keyboard case (which may or may not be included at retail).

The case covers the entire tablet when closed, and can act as both a stand and a keyboard while it’s open. Its sleek nature would remind you of the Windows Surface tablet keyboard stand, and that’s fine — we’ve been wanting to see that in other tablets anyway (let’s just hope Microsoft doesn’t have an issue.) But the idea itself isn’t new so we shouldn’t have much to worry about.

The tablet will still feature that folded-over back which is supposed to remind us of a newspaper but comes off as nothing more than an obnoxious hump, but if you didn’t like it on the Tablet S you’ll be happy to know it’s much more understated here. We can probably expect this sometime later this year, but there’s no use in taking shots in the dark.

We at least have an idea of early pricing, though: $450 for the 16GB option, $550 for the 32GB option, and $650 for the 64GB option. These are very reasonable prices, we’d say (especially considering the fact that these all may be coming with 3G radios). Sony may have quite the looker on their hands but it remains to be seen if this will be everything we want it to be. [via Mobiflip]

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  1. Yeah this seems like a really good deal, especially based on the track record of amazing support and timely software updates on previous products.


  2. I want a Tegra 3 phone. Not a tablet.

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