Strategy Analytics: Android market share drops to 56% in the US in Q2


Strategy Analytics released some new numbers today regarding smartphone market share in the United States. In Q2 2012, Android market share ended up at 56%. This is four points less than what they did in the same quarter 2011. Meanwhile, their biggest competition – iOS – actually gained 10% this quarter compared to the same quarter a year ago.

They now command 33% of the market share. SA’s Neil Mawston says it’s clear Google is nearing its peak in market share, and while these numbers can’t be indicative of a forthcoming free fall from space it’s alarming to know just how much Apple has shot back up.

In all, smartphone shipments didn’t do so well as they fell 5%. 24 million smartphone units were sold in all. Android’s 56% is still a pretty big share of the pie, but with Apple’s yearly iPhone release coming up in the 4th quarter of this year we can’t say we’d be surprised if their market share didn’t suffer just a bit more by the time 2013 rolls around. We’ll definitely keep our eyes on this one. [PCMag]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Need more information. Some of these numbers could have been taken out of context. They need to include PDF will all data that was collected, and include the source.

  2. I’m guessing the sales of the SGSIII didn’t factor in to this?

    1. It doesn’t even sound like the One X numbers were factored in to this!?

      1. and with most of the iphone 5 buyers being repeat customers I am not too worried

  3. are they counting all devices in each ecosystem, including tablet sales? if so, then this could explain why ios increased so much.

    1. It’s only about smartphones. If tablet is included, iOS share would be much higher as iPad is still dominating tablet market.

  4. We need to consider Apple’s lawsuits as well. I think they are “coming to a head” finally, we’ll see if it’s for the good or the bad shortly.

  5. I’m good with 51% or higher because it’ll mean Apple will never be on top. The only thing I’d like to see is a big increase in Android tablets.

    1. The Nexus 7 and JB are definitely helping out with that. I even know of some hardcore Apple fans who bought a N7 as soon as it came out.

  6. Kinda scary considering apple has actually been sluggish for the past quarter, imagine when the iPhone 5 drops o.O

    1. Super scary. Like I doubt any Android phones will sell at all once the iP5 comes out.

      1. Exactly bruh,like glad you see my point

        1. I know. This is just the quiet before the storm. Once the iphone 5 comes out no other phones will sell at all and life will have meaning again.

          1. Absolutely, this is the end of the world as we know it

    2. Not too scary considering this didn’t count the Galaxy SIII or (on a lesser note) The One series.

      1. the One series would have also made better sales if there had been One X (or equivalent) on VZW and T-Mobile.

  7. Doubt this counts the S3 in the U.S. and HTC completely botched the One series. And now lets all say it together….the iPhone is being driven by cheap and free devices. An iPhone 4 is only $49 bucks.

  8. KGB

  9. Oh and I’m also wondering how well the iPhone 5 will do. Folks seemed to be tired of the software and felt Google took this round. Those buying will be die hards and idiots mainly getting. It since they can look different than 4 and 4s owners.

  10. I have a feeling that the iPhone 4 for $0 on contract could be a contributing factor.

    1. it will bounce to 49.99 and with the htc vivid at 49.99 and the one x at 99.99 will slow that nonsense down.

  11. that’s impossible a article posted on Huffington post, NY times and some other websites tells a different story, apple fell from from a % share of 26 to 17 while Samsung whent from 50% to 54

    1. US vs worldwide

  12. Wasn’t there headlines a few weeks ago about Android gaining market share?

    It seems there is some statistical study saying whatever it is your looking for. Ones that favor Apple if you’re an Apple fan, and ones that favor Android. We all know what is really going on by the amount of lawsuits Apple is opening!

  13. Not sure if these numbers are right. Apple sold less iphones this quarter but has gained share in the US. This means their market share is dwindling in the rest of the world.

  14. The S3 numbers definitely were not factored in yet. Samsung sold over 9 million on pre order! That spanks the ip4s sales when it came out. Over 20 million sold worldwide and the Olympics have just began! I say that because they are pushing the s3 hard at the Olympics. Get ready for some impressive sales numbers by Samsung this fall. Of course this is only one manufacturer. HTC One, Motorola razor, Sony experia and all the other phones with Android are being sold worldwide. Android has some great powerhouse phones that sell well. Samsung is leading that charge with the advertising and launch of the s3 which will still be selling well when the ip5 comes out. Then on top of that they are prepping for the launch of the note 2 right as the ip5 is released. Samsung is doing it right with the s3, and note, the Olympics, worldwide release, release on every major carrier in the US, releasing the s3 before the ip5 and then following it up with the note just as the ip5 is released. Go Sammy!!

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