EA updates Dead Space with Nexus 7 support


Ah, nothing says fun like shooting zombies in outer space. Really fun is the ability to do so on your Nexus 7 thanks to a recent update to the Electronic Arts’ third-person shooter Dead Space. The game remains the same but now features support for the world’s first Jelly Bean tablet, a tweak that should give new owners good enough reason to drop $6.99 on the title at Google Play. Yes, it still carries a rather high price tag (and a memory heavy 400MB download), but surviving hoards of the undead in space isn’t always cheap.  Head on over to Google Play now to snag Dead Space now.

Google Play Link: Dead Space

[via TheVerge]

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  1. Now make it compatible (at least in the market) with the RAZR. I downloaded this to my old Droid X2 and it works finally. However, I can’t download it to my RAZR. So, I used TiBu to back it up on my X2, transferred the backups to my RAZR and restored it. Guess what? It works just fine. So, hopefully EA will get this rectified.

  2. Wonder if this also updated the version that was made specifically for the xperia play. To bad I didn’t buy it as it was a free version exclusive to the xperia play when itbwas released before going to the Google play store. Hmmm…..

  3. Look at dead space change-log
    “What’s in this version:Now available for Galaxy Nexus 7”
    What the hell is that, when did Samsung produce a nexus tablet :S someone should slap the person at EA who wrote the change-log.

  4. Hey EA, update your software to support the Transformer Infinity. thanks.

    1. thinking the same damn thing, while they are at it they should update their other games too. Funny how the games from small time devs just work whilst these big studios always have compatibility issues.

      1. Agreed. There are several EA apps that ran just fine on my Droid X that cannot be downloaded to my Rezound, and that’s ridiculous. They’ve only got ten apps available on Google Play for the Rezound.

        Chris Chavez (the editor that does the most gaming on his phone), get EA Mobile on the horn, stat! Solve this madness!

        1. I concur, Chris get the word out!

          Sent from my Asus Transformer Infinity

  5. Not much of a change…after dishing a lil guap for a game like this they could include occasional levels or mini storylines. The controls are superb for a third person shooter and many third person shooters should be able to utilize its scheme. Nonetheless, it is an awesome game. Good and atmospheric sound effects like Dead Space 1 & 2….As far as referring to the enemies as the undead….i wouldnt even consider that…they are ten times worse then zombies. lol

  6. It doesn’t seem to be compatible with Nexus 7 (US version). When trying to download the 492MB data file on my Nexus 7, it fails every time with this message: “Progress has not been saved. Reconnect then relaunch app to continue download. (-14)”; followed with ” A server error has occurred. please visit to choose your country and click the customer support link. (5002)”

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