Want that SGS III “Pop up play” gimmick on your device? Download Moboplayer


I’ll be very honest with you, I think that “Pop up play” feature on the SGS III is nothing more than a gimmick, and the best thing it offered Samsung was a decent little advertisement. You remember this, right?

Anyway, courtesy of MoboPlayer, you can add the little feature to any device you want. I tried it on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, and I must mention the ability to resize the video’s pop-up is very useful. Again I honestly I can’t see myself using it too much. Maybe if I’m watching an utterly boring video, and want to browse the web side by side, I could see myself using it. But otherwise, not really.

Thanks, Arjun!


Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. It would be useful if I could watch YouTube and do other things at the same time. Why? Youtube is my main source of music :(

    1. If you watch youtube through the site instead of the app, you can use it :)

      Just select Moboplayer (or Video Player if you’re on an S3) when you click the video on the mobile site and you’re good to go!

    2. download “Stick it” (paid app) or “Super video”(free app with an in app license purchase if you want to donate)

      Once installed, look for what you want to watch within the youtube app, hit the share button and choose either stick it or super video. it will play in a pop up video that you can minimize to the notification bar, all while continuing to play. ;)

  2. Raveesh, you should check out wave control, its a pretty unique app that let’s the user make full use of the proximity sensor

    1. wrong post, bro

      1. lol yea wasn’t paying attention clicked on the wrong tab within the app

    2. it also has commands to launch Google voice search, play-skip-replay music with Google music compatibility and a bunch of other cool stuff

  3. Wow I was going to get a gs3 cuz of this and many other features but I’ll hold off a little later thank you mono player ….Samsung should really patent this I’d hate to see iPhone users get this !

    1. This iPhone user doesn’t want it; totally USELESS gimmick….

    2. Considering iOS doesn’t have true multitasking I don’t think it is possible

    3. Stick it and Super Video both do the same as this and samsungs pop up video player with more features and both predate Samsungs player.

  4. gimmick? We have to agree to disagree. Ever since I discovered picture in picture mode on my TV I have been in heaven. This feature can help multitasker, watching movies and look up the actors on the same machine, watching documentaries and taking notes once again on the same machine and when the tablets get more powerful then we can video chat and play videogames with friends and such.

    1. Tablets, maybe useful. I can see myself using it on the Galaxy Note 10.1, some note taking tool on one side, videos on the other. But I mentioned gimmick for the S3. I can’t see how it adds value on a phone. Watching a video and texting side by side? Unless its a livestream (in which case pop up play won’t work), I’d prefer to pause, send my text and then watch the video.
      But, yes, I can see the appeal to a small crowd. For example, people who text a LOT, for who pausing a video just doesn’t make sense since they’d be doing it too often.

  5. Stick It! is better imo because you use it with youtube videos. It also lets you turn off the screen and continues playing the audio (something you can’t do with the Youtube app).

    1. Stick it doesnt support 4.1 either… I just downloaded it. Fragmentation strikes again :-(

      1. Stick it work perfectly fine on my GS3 running CM10.
        If it doesnt work for you, try “Super Video” by Gpc. It’s free in the playstore. Has an in app licence purchase if you like it.

  6. I uninstalled mobo on my gnex and nex7 cause they haven’t supported 4.1. I checked yesterday and their last update still was feb… hopefully they added 4.1 support w/ todays update? Will go check it but my replacement, mx player has grown on me.

  7. How do you call it gimmick? It’s useful in a way for some people.

    1. Please elaborate

      1. Desk top computers (windows, OSx etc.) do this; do you find this function a gimmick on your laptop? In my opinion this feature should be built into android, Every year our phones blur the line between desk top computer and mere phone I for one don’t think there should be any line just the added functionality of making phone calls and performing task in a more mobile way. This app is one step closer to that (I really hope Google reads this and implements this OS wide before Apple claims they “invented” it).

        1. On a small screen like a phone, it is definitely a gimmick. It’s not like you have a 22 inch screen on your phone, that you can afford to have multiple windows open.

      2. I’ve been useing this pop up video “gimmick” on my tablet for along time now. “Stick it” is the pop up video player I’ve been using long before Samsung showed off theirs. Usually along side “Overskreen” which is a pop up resizable webbrowser. “Super Video” is another pop up player I like because of the ability to actually fullscreen the video. It is free in the play store with an in app license purchase if you like it and wish to donate.

        Makes my A500 much more PC like. I am able to actually multitask better with these 2 apps. I’ll watch/listen to a movie while i am browsing the web all while sometimes doing something else entirely without needing to constantly swap between this full screen app and that. Even if I’m not “Watching” the movie, I need/like to have it as background noise and Ill glance over on occasion.. ‘

        Also comes in handy if you wanna listen to some youtube videos while doing something else since youtube stops playing as soon as you leave the app. Start it up in a pop up video player and then minimize it to the notification bar and continue listening while doing whatever else you want to do. ;)

        1. Mentioned this somewhere below: I can see tablet users seeing a purpose for it, but on a mobile I think it’s a gimmick. There just isn’t enough screen space to enjoy a video and do something else. This was touted as a feature for the Galaxy S III, and I just can’t see that many people using it.

          1. That’s completely understandable. As a whole, I really dont see the much use in the app on a smartphone either. Aside from heavy texters like someone somewhere below mentioned. Keep the movie going while texting rather then constantly pausing and unpausing the video to read/reply back. Maybe even watching the same movie texting to each other back n forth during. I do that on the PC with friends in chatrooms. lol

            It is definitely more suited to the tablet space however, but i can see some scenarios where it may be useful on a mobile.
            If it supported youtube like the ones I mentioned (tho i think someone below did say it does if you go thru youtube in your browser rather then app) it would have some use on devices with smaller screen. Mainly because many people use youtube to listen to music, but unfortunately the youtube app and browser stops playing as soon as you goto another app or tab.

  8. Are you serious!? Playing apps and texting!! It’s exactly what I wanted. The mobile phone is becoming more lyk an ACTUAL computer. You do it all the tym on your home computer. LoL!! This is the answer to my prayers. =.P

    And on a tablet I’m sure this’ll be the biggest thing ever. Bout to go check out this app now. If it’s a paid app, I hope it’s not too expensive. I want it now. =.P

    1. Ah…I got myself excited for nothing… It’s ONLY when you’re watching a video. Oh well… *patiently waits because I know the technology for multiple screens is close to come*

      1. Overskreen is a floating pop up webbrowser allowing for multiple pop up browsers. $2.50ish i think?
        Same dev makes Stick it which was the original pop up video player. Also a paid app.
        He also makes AirCalc which is a pop up calculator (free), Air term which is a floating terminal also free and Got Ya!. An app that secretly captures a picture using the FFC os someone who inouts the wrong passcode/patten trying to unlock your device. It then send you an email of the picture with the gps cordinatates of where it happened. Nice app for $2 ;)

        Super video is another pop up video player available free in the playstore.

        Enjoy your more PC like experience on your tablet. I do. ;)

        1. Oh my gosh!! Ima try that over screen. As for that Gotcha I’m rooter so I use Cerberus. Does that for me. I don’t really need the other ones but since they’re free. =.D

          1. Agreed, Cerberus is a nice app. I really only have Got Ya because its fun catching coworkers in the act messing with my phone when im away from my desk. XD

            Glad you liked the apps btw. They are a god send for tablet users.

        2. Oh my gosh!! Over screen and that calculator one is so awesome!! I’m so glad this app exist!! =.D

          1. btw, if you hadnt noticed yet, if you double tap the browsers taskbar, it rolls up linux style so you can see and access whats below it.
            Single tap it again to unroll.

  9. I’ve had my GS3 since release date (Verizon) and have not used the feature even once. If only the native video player supported more formats, it might have been more useful.

  10. Stick it! (pop up player) is a better app than Mobo in my opinion. It offers more functionality plus youtube. The difference is Mobo is free, “Stick it” is $1.80 I think, but definitively better; it also allows you to theme the pop up window as well as fast forward/ rewind the video Mobo doesn’t.

  11. This is actually a feature that I use a lot. Being able to use an app or play a game while watching The Dark Knight makes it a must have for me.

  12. No offense, I don’t like Raveesh Bhalla’s writing style and articles.
    Not a gimmick, just my opinion.

    1. None taken

      1. I find it quite useful. I use it often in flipboard. They’ll have for example an XDA TV show embedded in an article. But I don’t want to keep staring at the same page to see the video, so I use ‘Super video’ to float the vid. And I can keep on browsing artiles and at the same time still hear/see the XDA TV video.
        And that’s just one appliance…
        Not a gimmick by a long shot !

        1. Do you use it on your phone? I have mentioned in the comments below I can see it being used in some cases on tablets (I gave an example of how it could be useful on the Galaxy Note 10.1, having a video of a lecture on one side and taking notes on the other). On a phone’s limited screen space I find it highly unlikely it’s going to gain much usage.

          1. I’ve never used it, aside from showing off to people how cool my phone is. I haven’t actually found a real world use for it though.

    2. I feel the total opposite. But there is one way to avoid reading things you do not like, and that’s not to READ THEM. Good day sir!

  13. Samsung didn’t do this first on Android anyway. There’s an app called ‘Stick It’ that does the same thing, which existed a good while before Samsung showed this feature off with the GSIII. It’s made by the same dev that made the Overskreen floating browser and Air Calc.

    1. 3 of my favorite tablet apps right there aswell as AirTerm. :P

  14. It was updated on 29 July, works with the Bean now. Anyway, I would not say it’s a gimmick, but rather a nice little feature. Let’s put it this way, who the hell wanna watch a video so tiny on a 4.3″ or 4.7″ mobile!

  15. Couldn’t disagree more about pop up video being a gimmick. For one, we can finally listen to youtube while doing anything on our phones. When in youtube, click the the tripod like icon and hit share with Supervideo.

    EDIT: For clarity, Supervideo does work with the youtube APP. youtube is no longer crippled in regards to multitasking.

    As someone mentioned, Supervideo is free and works great, and it has been out for months.

  16. That’s a bullshit feature, if you’re watching a video why would you be textin and vice versa

    1. Works with watching Netflix and getting a text, you won’t have to switch apps to reply. Like other people are saying,.just because you wont use it dosent mean other people wont.

  17. thats not a gimmick to me, i use it all the time on my gs3 wld be nice to use it in youtube or crunchy roll that wld be sweet

  18. That’s the beauty of having different features on different makes/models Raveesh! There is literally something for everyone with Android! We’re not stuck with a “one device fits all” device like the iPhone. Just because it’s not a feature you would personally use, doesn’t mean someone else isn’t utilizing it! I happen to love it and have used it a number of times since getting my S3 a few weeks ago.

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