Jul 30th, 2012

The Apple vs Samsung trial has already uncovered a few buried nuggets from Apple’s camp, revealing early iPad prototypes that never made it into production. Today, with the Apple vs Samsung trial kicking off in full effect, court docs are giving us details on tablets coming down the pipeline, this time from Samsung.

Looks like ‘ol Sammy is prepping a tablet codenamed the “P10,” and it’s claim to fame will no doubt be its 256 ppi, 2560×1600 super high resolution Retina-like display. It will be interesting to see how Android will handle a resolution higher than 1080p (I’m wondering if things will look stretched out like in Android’s pre-tablet days).

Court docs don’t reveal too much in terms of a release date, citing only a vague 2012 launch. It’s possible Samsung could be announce the P10 during their launch event on August 15th — they did mention something about a new Galaxy — but I’m still placing my bets on a Note 2 unveiling. How do you guys feel about an Android tablet, of this size, with that high of a resolution. Excessive? We’re gonna need a bigger gun- er, better processor.


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