Jul 30th, 2012


Gamescom is fast approaching, and and where we wouldn’t normally cover the video game trade-show being held in Cologne, Germany, it’s what Square-Enix revealed coming to Android that made me jump on keyboard. With around 5 game titles already released on Android, it looks like Squenix is just getting started, announcing 6 titles that they will be demoing at Gamescom.

The remakes continue with Final Fantasy Dimensions the title Android gamers will get most hyped over (Android needs more RPG’s), along with the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 — not really, I just wanted to see if you were still awake. The rest are a handful of puzzlers coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. First up is Qwirkle (a puzzle game similar to Bejeweled but involves matching shapes and colors), Motley Blocks (another 3 block matching title), Koozac (a Tetris-type puzzler), SolaRola (a remake of a platforming puzzler), and finally Mensa Academy (a mini game mash-up with over 100 replayable levels).

As DroidGamers mentions, Demons’ Score and Guardian Cross were both sadly absent from the announcement. One thing I’ve always like about Square’s titles is that they charge premium pricing, without the ads and in-app purchases that plague many games in the Play Store (a model I wish more devs would adopt). But with the majority of their titles simply remakes of older titles, I guess you could call Square-Enix old-school like that.