Jul 29th, 2012

Dear Mr. Carnales,

I’m sorry if you find this post intrusive, but I have a perfectly reasonable explanation for having to do so. I came across this image on Reddit, and at first I chuckled. I get it that indie-developers can’t always stay consistent with updates. However, I saw you weren’t active on Twitter either for quite some time, and I got worried.

I hope you’re enjoying your life somewhere, free from customer feedback E-Mails and making the most of the money you worked so hard to earn. You deserve it. In fact, a part of me wishes you never come across this post. But, if you do, do send out a message to let those of us in the World, who hold you in high regard for your contributions to Android through your brilliant apps, know that you’re alive and kicking.

With best regards,

Raveesh Bhalla

Former LauncherPro User, and currently using UberMusic