Jelly Bean factory images posted for Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus 7


Google has released Android 4.1 factory images for a variety of Nexus devices, including the first tablet in the lineup. Android 4.1.1 images are now available for the Nexus 7, Nexus S, and Galaxy Nexus, with a few notable absences. Sprint’s Nexus S doesn’t count itself among the list, nor does the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus.

The availability of factory images should provide an extra security blanket for those modding the OS on their phone or anyone wishing to restore their handset to the original factory software build. Head over to the Google Developers page to snag the appropriate version for you phone.

[Google Developers via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Hell ya! Let the CM10 cooking begin. I’ll take mine with extra butter please.

    1. And who needs a working camera anyway?! Oh, wait, these are guaranteed to work. :)

      1. huh? This is source for the rolled out build. Everything works.

    2. Ye cause they develop their rom by using a factory image and editing bits and pieces… Or wait they could also just use the official source and compile it themselves

      1. CM only works from source. However, factory images make the kernel development go much smoother since all the binary work is already done. This will make CM development for crespo come along much quicker.

  2. well that blows….my toro is sad

    1. Must be the sprint one. All of the others already have it rolled out

      1. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus still doesn’t have an official Jelly Bean update. There are roms out there sure, but the factory image on the list from the link above is 4.0.4…not 4.1.1.

        1. Yes it does. It just hasn’t been pushed ota.


          1. I must be missing something – that shows 4.0.4 for VZW (no 4.1.x) – Toro.

            Where do you see the 4.1.x available for VZW (toro) from google?

          2. Oh, sorry, read that wrong. Didn’t mean to get your hopes up.

    2. There are Nexus owner still on 4.0.1 because their variant hasn’t received a single update since release. Not trying to slam you or anything, I just find that Verizon owners seem to complain the most when they’re way ahead of the other variants.

      1. I really don’t understand people complaining about that (with the exception of sprint customers). The factory images for all the Gnex’s has been out for a while. If you want it that bad just flash the zip, it is signed, you don’t even need root.

  3. YOINK! Got mine. Thanks!

  4. @gmanin got a link for the toro hmmmm…

  5. gnex rocks with factory images rocks. so easy on mac, its not fair…

    upgrading my yakjuxw 4.0.4 to yakju 4.1.1:
    1. get adb/fastboot (ADB_and_fastbbot_-_mac_only), add unzipped dir to PATH by sudo nano /etc/profile
    2. plug in phone via usb, restart phone with power and vol up and down
    3. open up new terminal run: fastboot oem unlock
    4. accept on phone, wait for it to restart then reboot into bootloader per #2
    5. meanwhile, download and unfurl 4.1.1 factory image .tgz
    6. in terminal, cd into unzipped yakju dir by cd /Users/your_username_here/Downloads/yakju-jr03c
    7. run: ./flash-all.sh
    8. wait for it finish the magic
    9. optional, goog recommends – restart into bootloader, connect USB, then run in terminal: fastboot oem lock
    10. sideload flash 11 apk and swype beta and you are good to go

    no rooting, no 3rd party ROMing, no warranty voiding afaik, all factory stuff, everything works and now yakju will get every upgrade instantly.

    don’t know why I held out so long! oh yeah all that rooting and CWM and titanium backup stuff and such was a bit intimidating considering I just want stock. since Google play restored my apps, and dropbox or picasa has all my photos, all i needed do was restore my home screens and sign into them.

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