Sony Xperia ‘Mint’ breaks cover, exposes S4 processor, 13MP camera, and HD display in the process


It seems Sony is always one step behind the curve lately, releasing flagship devices like the Xperia S with specs that fall short of what users have come to expect from a high-end device. But that might be changing soon, as the latest leaked device from the Japanese electronics firm looks to go toe-to-toe with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X. Given model number LT30p and dubbed the Sony Xperia “Mint”, the new phone sports a 720p HD display (said to be 4.3-inches, though a comparison to the GS3 suggests it may be bigger), a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, and a 13MP camera.

The phone surpasses that of the upcoming Xperia GX, which has up to know boasted the most robust feature set of any Sony handset this year. The Xperia Mint is rumored to debut at IFA, so the only question remaining is when it will reach the general public and if it will launch in time to challenge competitors on an even playing field.

[MobileReview via Engadget]

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  1. “said to be 4.3-inches, though a comparison to the GS3 suggests it may be bigger”
    Using the ruler tool, photoshop gives me a diagonal of 4.55in

  2. It will be released as the Xperia Z. I work at Crazy John’s in Australia, and it’s already on our system.

  3. Hmm a better screen than the gs3 much better camera and I’m sure
    Better software, not bad at all !

  4. I’ve always loved Sony hardware, imo, they make the best looking android phones but their software performance always seemed to be mediocre. If this phone performs just as good as Galaxy S3, then it will be a difficult choice for me between this and Note 2 come this fall.

  5. Knowing Sony it won’t get released for another six months, by which time it will’ve been surpassed by all the top players. If it was available NOW then it might have a shot.

    1. Being a lover of Sony, I really want them to have a competitive option for smartphones in the US. Maybe its my love of Android that wants more options…
      I’ll look into that.

      1. I’d love Sony to get back in the game too, their handsets are the best looking around. It just seems like they’re always a dollar short and a day late with competitive hardware.

  6. It doesn’t seem to have physical buttons. On screen buttons ala Galaxy Nexus could explain why they say it has a 4.3″ screen; in actuality it has a screen size similar to the Nexus or GS3. The Nexus’s screen is similar to that of a 4.3″ device, just slightly wider.

  7. sony always make the best looking phone.

  8. Is this the same as the Sony Xperia Ion that is already in Canada?

  9. This phone looks plain and ugly. Hopefully the release market version will not look like this.

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