Android Overload: iOS Developer Says Android Is Designed For Piracy, Botiful Transforms You Into A Video Chatting Robot, and More


We’ve got a healthy helping of the Android Overload for you here tonight. These are all the stories that didn’t quite make it onto our front page today, but because we like to keep our readers in the loop, we place them here for you to take look at. Take your time and click through the stories you feel are most relevant to your interests. I especially like the one about the Botiful Kickstarter project. Who knows, maybe I’ll even write it up in the morning. Night, everyone.

  • US Cellular’s HTC Flyer is now receiving an update to Honeycomb. [AndroidPolice]
  • International Samsung Galaxy S3’s OTA update (LG6) fixes “audio crackling” bug. [DroidDog]
  • Nexus 7 receives unofficial CyanogenMod 10 port. [XDA]
  • Botiful is a Kickstarter project that will transform you into a video chatting robot. [Kickstarter]
  • Onlive integrated into the Vizio Co-Star and LG Smart TV G2 series. Streams console games to Google TV. [GoogleTV Blog]
  • Google science fair winner builds artificial brain to diagnose breast cancer. [SiliconeAngle]
  • iOS developer says Android was designed for piracy. [MattGemmell]
  • Samsung sanctioned for destroying evidence in Apple patent case. [FOSSPatents]
  • Yes, there is another Nexus 7 how-to video. This ones shows off Google apps. [YouTube]
  • Holiday Inn and Samsung team up to give VIP guests Galaxy S3’s to control a variety of hotel services. [SamsungTomorrow]
  • Transform your Nexus 7 into a paperback book with the “Out of Print eBook Jacket.” [Kickstart]
Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I have not seen one single product funded by kickstarter that is actually shipping or in the hands of consumers. Not. One.

    1. Several Photographic projects have shipped and are in the hands of consumers. I know this because I watch some tech shows that talk about kickstarter projects and they have even received the products themselves o yeah kickstarter is the real deal.

  2. You guys keep losing points for linking to Florian Mueller….

  3. unfortunately for that Matt gemmell guy in the article about piracy….IOS jail break people make it even easier to pirate….they actually have an app that does it all for you…it’s called Installulous….good try and a well worded article….still a swing and a miss!

  4. Of course an iOS developer says Android was designed for piracy. Mr. Gemmell references a story about an Android developer who made their $1 game free because it had been “extensively pirated”. If a developer’s goal is to make money (as he claims), how does this further that goal? If you want to make money as a developer, write a real app and charge real money for it instead of publishing some 99 cent impulse buy aimed at a childish demographic with more time (to seek out pirated apps) than money. Target people who value their own time, and they’ll likely value yours.

  5. I’m unable to see this article in the mobile app. No issues viewing it in chrome though

  6. I’ll just leave this right here. http://mattgemmell.com/2012/02/17/the-piracy-threshold/. Pot, kettle

  7. Chris, why would you link to that Matt Gemmell drivel? Seriously, it’s an overt moronic fanboy post and even a cursory glance through the article shows that, with choice bits such as these:

    “No-one stops to consider that “choice” is maybe a bad word.”

    “Android is designed to be difficult to make money from”

    “The system is designed for piracy from the ground up.”

    “But freedom is bad, when you get too much of it.”

    So I’m saddened to see this douchery linked on an Android site, but deeply saddened that you posted it, Chris. :/

    1. Wait- what? It’s in the Android Overload. These are the stories that didn’t make the cut. I link to all kinds of crazy stuff in here. Sometimes random, weird, zany and all around “out there” articles I find around the web. Sometimes stuff like Matt Gemmell’s blog post.

      Keep in mind I never said I agreed with Gemmell’s post. Maybe, just maybe… I linked so that readers, like yourself, could keep up to date with the news (a few other tech sites have been running with this post) and see just how nutty some people are. This creates discussion. Now we can all talk about Gemmell’s post in the fellowship of other Android fans, and talk about WHY his post was drivel.

      And I’m sorry I disappointed you but I can tell you this…. it’ll most likely happen again. Take care.

  8. I stopped reading the “Android is designed for piracy” article after the first 2 paragraphs in the second section. Under that stupid logic, Windows, Linux, and even earlier versions of Mac OS X (such as Snow Leopard) are “built for piracy” because you can install applications/programs with unsigned and unverified code. I can’t count the number of applications I’ve got on my Mac that I didn’t get through the Mac App Store, the *only* place you’re *supposed* to get applications from.
    The guy also fails to take into account that the Play Store (not Android Market as he wrote it) isn’t available for everyone, everywhere. And even if it is available in a given country, paid apps may not be. Additionally, depending on the developer, there may be no alternative method for payment and means to get an app, so the only things left to the people are to deal with it, or pirate.
    What a joke of an article.

    1. Just take a look at the authors twitter stream, he’s clearly just a iOS/Apple apologist using a bunch of words to validate his preferences. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, Android is wrong and Apple/iOS is right. **Yawn**

  9. What a tool this Matt Gemmell is. -10 internet points for linking this baseless blog post.

    It’s not very hard to make an app that ppl can’t pirate on Android, too bad he’s too ignorant apparently to figure it out. I know because, i had to buy some apps that were designed correctly so i couldn’t pirate them. This was before buying on Google play was even available in my country.

    You could still pirate them but it requires reverse-enginneering the apk, something very few ppl would bother.

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