Motorola Photon Q will have unlockable bootloader, others to follow


Good news for those of you who are waiting for Motorola to come through with their promise of unlockable bootloaders: the Motorola Photon Q will be the first device to have such capabilities. It’s taken a very long time for them to take action on their initial promise, but we couldn’t be more happy that they’re finally addressing this issue.

Motorola has mentioned other devices will follow the Photon Q in regards to unlocking their bootloaders, but understandably was not keen on letting us in on more details. This could mean that older devices will be supported, and that others yet to come out may also have this functionality.

Unfortunately we can’t expect every single device to be supported in this manner. While Verizon locking down the Galaxy S3 has no bearing on this situation it indicates there is a chance they could do the same for any of their Motorola devices.

It’s ultimately up to the carriers, and we can’t be too sure which devices will get the green light until Motorola is able to confirm them individually. The Motorola Photon Q will be available this August. [Motorola]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Thought this article was a joke when I first read the title. Good for you Moto.

  2. Good move Moto.

  3. wow the first qwerty with a screen bigger then 4.0 inches? amazing. thats what turned me away from qwertys after the og epic 4g…

  4. My writers’s sense thinks this thing is HOT! Release it internationall please….

  5. maybe this will find its way to Big Red with an unlockable bootloader? /me stares at Droid4 with much hostility….

  6. I cannot wait for this phone to come out. I have been waiting for a Qwerty phone for decades. LoL!!

    Oh my gosh!! And the onscreen buttons look pretty cool too. I will be more than happy to sell my E4GT for one of these. Can’t wait!!

    And this makes it all the more better. =.D

  7. Sprint had everything to do with this. This is why they are MY carrier. I am more than willing to endure some temporary slow speeds until LTE is available, especially when they support my freedom.

  8. This phone has the chance to put Sprint back on the map for business and power users.

  9. Great looking phone, but sprint? No thanks. I like the idea of hardware keyboard, but hate how thick it makes phones. Gimme a gs3 size screen, with hardware keyboard with the thickness of a desire hd. Pipe dreams

  10. Toss a tegra 3 on there for miracast, and something better than a qhd screen, and stock jb and were good to go…
    Getting there…

  11. I’m really digging the translucent navigation and notification bars…I hope we see something like that in the next Droid phone from Verizon as I’m pretty sure it won’t be sporting stock Android.

  12. The white highlights on the keyboard look bad ass!!!

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