NVIDIA backs Miracast wireless display standard, will integrate the technology into Tegra


NVIDIA has announced its backing of Miracast, the wireless display standard that doesn’t require existing WiFi networks to display content over-the-air from embedded devices. The standard is being introduced by the WiFi Alliance in the next few months and NVIDIA has committed to enabling Tegra with the technology going forward.

NVIDIA obviously has a ton to gain from said backing. Not only will this be great for beaming photos and video without a hassle, their mobile gaming strategy will be bolstered tremendously by giving users the ability to play Tegra games on their televisions without needing wired video-out solutions.

Imagine OUYA, the Tegra 3-based Android gaming console, being equipped with Miracast. You’ll have the easiest, cleanest console setup you can hope to have in this day and age. There’s nothing to lose and ever

ything to love about the advent of Miracast so we’re glad NVIDIA will be pushing this technology once it launches.

NVIDIA has put together a whitepaper for those who are interested in the technical details of how Miracast will make all of this possible in conjunction with Tegra 3.

Be sure to download the whitepaper here, and don’t forget to watch the video above detailing NVIDIA’s vision for the exciting technology. [via NVIDIA]

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  1. Very nice…my Google TV will definitely be obsolete when I have a tablet with this technology.

  2. Miracast + Google TV + Google Fiber + Nexus Q + OUYA = ultimate media/gaming system
    Nexus 7 + Nexus smartphones + Google Voice recognition + eventually to be revealed google motion tracking system = ultimate input method

    All I need is a time and day for when this becomes real!

  3. so this will be a solution to the lack of a video out on my Nexus 7? Hope so!

  4. F**k Ya!!! Nexus 7 for the win!!!

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