ODIN-less root method for Verizon Galaxy S3 now available



If you’re not a big fan of ODIN, Samsung’s software flashing utility, and all the problems it can cause, you might want to listen up. Verizon owners with the Samsung Galaxy S3 can rest easy knowing that an alternative root method has been made available.

The method does require a PC, but once you get all the files you need it seems simple enough. You will want to head to the thread at XDA in case any steps have changed, and to ensure you get the latest files. Hit the source link for the goods. [XDA via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Can’t wait to find the time to root. Anyone try the aokp or cm10 yet? Coming from a gnex ,Touchwiz is driving me up a wall.

    1. CM10 is at an unstable stage right now, CM9 is fine though. I personally have a touchwiz rom with a ICS theme so it looks like stock but still has the camera and messaging app.

  2. I have to say that the GS3 Touchwiz or no Touchwiz is probably one of the most impressive phones I have had the priveledge of owning.

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