Jul 25th, 2012

Remember that charming little device that looked like a USB stick and could bring the Android experience to any HDMI-enabled TV and monitor? Welp, it has a little competition and is now up for sale at a very attractive price point at $48. The CX-01 Mini PC will give you Android 4.0 in the size of a USB stick.

It would be great for playing games, getting work done, or just watching some videos and browsing the web. While the specs are nothing to marvel at – it has WiFi N, a full-sized USB port, a 1GHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of internal storage – its price point would be the deciding factor for many.

At $48 this device would be a nice little accessory to have if you want to take the Android experience onto the big screen without huge set-top boxes or the need to get a TV with it built-in. It would be absolutely lavish with Bluetooth support and if ti were Google TV-equipped, but alas it falls short of those expectations.

The MK802 offers a better set of hardware but you still aren’t getting Bluetooth with either experience. Regardless, our expectations were low enough that we’re still excited for the CX-O1’s arrival and it’ll be interesting to see if the development community does anything with it. Head to the source link if you want to buy it. [Pandawill via Liliputing]