Report: iPad Outsells Android Tablets 2-to-1 (But Not For Long)


Yesterday we told you guys about Samsung and their smartphones outselling Apple’s iPhone 2-to-1. Today we have a similar story to bring to you only this time the tables have turned. As you’ve no doubt guessed by now, when it comes to the tablet market, analysts are reporting Apple still reigns supreme, cornering as much as 68.3% of the tablet market last quarter.

This is after Android tablets managed to sell around 7.3 million units which, even though may sound impressive, stands in the shadow of Apple’s 17 million units sold. After performing some quick math, that’s roughly a 2-to-1 ratio over Android tabs. This is the highest Apple has seen their tablet market share since the 3rd quarter of 2010 (the year of the 1st iPad).

Android definitely has a lot of catching up to do but taking into account that these numbers don’t yet account for the overwhelming Nexus 7 sales — things should be a whole lot different next quarter. Google’s savior has finally come and Tim Cook is shaking in his mommy-sneakers. Time to send out reinforcements (more lawyers).

[Strategy Analytics | Via Electronista]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I was thinking that Android tablets were worse than 2-to-1 against the iPad, then I remembered that those numbers probably include the Kindle Fire…if you want to call that an Android tablet. I’m really excited to see some initial number on N7 sales. I love mine!

    1. Love mine too

  2. Apple can go suck an egg!

    1. Not an Apple fan then haha

    2. Suck an egg indeed they can.

  3. Google Nexus7….. Tim Cook’s worst nightmare lol

    1. Not really

      1. Really

        1. Lol I bet apple will outsell them with the iPad 2 not even the 3 lol

    2. iThink it will be the Nexus10 that will be

      1. @appleDOESNT:disqus I’m nor sure that i get your user name’s meaning. Is that a Steve Jobs reference? Or is this a case of Godwin’s Law?

        1. I just learned something new today.

        2. @Brian S. it’s the title of a youtube video i created :) iAlso made a Steve Jobs video too

          1. I’ll check it out. That sounds familiar though.

          2. Is it the video posted by 1PhoneDoesnt? If so, haha. I have seen that before.

    3. until Assple releases their iCrap 7 tablet… then all the ilosers will be like.. OMG.. a 7 inch iCrap tablet… its what we were all hoping for.. then us android fans get sh*t on again….

      1. I never think that way because Apple would do one small novel thing to get people to perceive that Apple has something on Android. The next iteration of Android will absorb any goodness Apple incitea

  4. i really hope the rate of adoption increases…and quickly. my wife’s college just announced that all faculty, undergrad, and grad students will be issued iPads during check-in this year as part of a digital pedagogy initiative. if this becomes the norm, google’s chances at taking over will be much worse.

    get a move on el goog! bring on the 10 inch nexus tablet and quickly!

  5. The nexus 7 has sold extremely well, but the tablet was made in smaller quantities than most other tablets. If the they sell 2 million(pretty f***in good) of them, were still not at half of iPad sales. Not saying its a bad tablet, just that I don’t think it’ll sell enough to make a huge dent.
    (Sent from my android tablet)

  6. In what article yesterday did you mention “Samsung and their smartphones outselling Apple’s iPhone 2-to-1.”? I can’t find it.

  7. I saw (more lawyers) . Immediately knew Chris wrote this.

  8. “Overwhelming Nexus sales”??? Pffftt…. Bahahaha!! That was a good one!! Are you here every Saturday??

    It will be “for long”…..

  9. As much as I’d like the Nexus 7 to succeed, once the iPad mini (7-8in.) comes out, Apple will destroy what little momentum Google/Android has.

    1. Once the iPad mini comes out, Apple will lose. As you may not notice, Apple is following what Google does. So Google will sneak Apple into a Patent trap and then it’s over. So let that device that Apple said they would never make come out. Hypocrites. -_-

  10. That tablet really stinks, the apps are few and far between. Galaxy tab is better because
    U can add memory. Google is COPYING apple with the missing s.d. Card alot.

  11. I’m a long time android user but even I bought the ipad3 a month or so back. I had actually bought and returned 2 android tablets because (to put it bluntly) they were crap.
    They were slow, the screens were dim, one of them had watermarks on the screen from your hand on the back. In comparison the iPad was in a totally different class, even on half brightness the screen it massively brighter.
    Another important thing is that I’m not caught up in the whole google OS race. I think this is the worse part of android – OS envy. Too much importance is put on that and with the pad I don’t feel the version of the OS is in anyway important.

    1. I had the Prime for 2 months and it was laggy while browsing and occasionally would crash doing certain things, still loved the hell out of it though. Transformer Infinity came out and Best Buy took the Prime back and shipped me an Infinity. Aside from the higher res, the screen has more contrast to it. Everything is better about it except the battery life, which is still good.

      I assume you tried a TF300 if you are talking about the screen bleeding from behind.

    2. You are comparing this too another high class Android tablet, right? Because there are low-range 10′ inch tablets. LoL!!

  12. I think some retailers are to blame. I work somewhere where they only sell the iPad even though they tell me they make no money on them but they won’t buy in any android tablets to sell – or anything android. Customers don’t get the choice unless they know what they’re looking for and go out and find it or buy it online somewhere. Most of our customers don’t know what they do anyway (tablets) but they know the word iPad. Sickens me. They don’t pay commission on iPad’s either so I’m not bothered if they sell or not but people buying them only know about iPad nothing else.

    1. My mom opted for the E4GT over the iPhone because she thought the E4GT was better. LoL!! Same concept?

      Well get this. Once she found out that Android could back-up your calendar, and contacts instead of using a SIM card, she fell in love with it. =.P

  13. Funny that there is a million android tablets out there, a dime a dozen pretty much from 100 oems yet, a single tablet downright outsells them 2 to 1 lmfao! Sad :)

  14. [Not for long] – That’s why I started seeing iPad commercials in every goddamn comm block on TV.

  15. Nexus 7 is amazing yes, but it’s short of variety. Need more memory sizes more options like lte, a 10 inch version with retina display like resolution. Google needs to update this sooner than yearly to stay in the game…

  16. Nexus10 = Nail + Coffin

    I don’t know though… Intel Airmont X86 processors = Windows 8 Pro tablets the size of RT tablets. (super thin, cool running, long battery life… while running Autocad and Photoshop ???)

    This will definitely be a three horse race a year from now.

    1. Sure! but just when Microsoft can put a product that warranties the following, 1.- No hang Ups (impossible), 2. A competitive price (more Impossible), 3.- That it (the wonderful hanged in its presentation tablet..) can go out without attracting the lawyers of Apple, Google & Samsung…. Not sure on on how many horses would be there at the end….

  17. We’ve seen Android over come Apple’s 2-1ness before. I think Android will have no problem here. Bye Bye iOS.

  18. “Tim Cook is shaking in his mommy-sneakers”

    Thanks for the laugh, need that so this whole patent insanity mess doesn’t make me start screaming.

  19. Apple said there will never make a 4′ inch device. They said that 7′ tablets were stupid.

    *Looks at rumors of next Apple devices* Hmm…

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