Samsung announces sale of over 10 million Galaxy S III handsets


Yep, the Samsung Galaxy S III was always going to register huge sales, but exactly how large were they? The Korean company announced to reporters that over 10 million handsets had been bought, and that they were expecting to have shipped 20 million by the fall.


Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Does anyone no if boost wil have the s 3

    1. If you want a real phone you have to be pocket raped by a real carrier.

    2. I doubt it… The phone just came out, maybe mid range one.

  2. No… Boost said no since it would cost a easy 879 US dollars on their network. that is too much and also They run on iDen network (oldest) and Fake LTE (Half wimax from sprint and half 2G) so….. S3 is lte so if they had it… it would be CDMA and only the bad boost 3g….

  3. And I will be getting one next week

  4. Isn’t there an ipatent against selling more than 10 mil units?

    1. I liked that one :D

    2. Not when they are sold as fast as Samsung did. Apple hasn’t been able to do that before.

    3. Crapple must be crying the iFoul by now. lol

  5. So its Officially Fastest Selling Gadget breaking Microsoft Kinetic record of 9 million in 60 days

    1. I don’t know what you’re talking about Ken????

      1. “The device was released in 28 European and Middle Eastern countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the United Arab Emirates, on 29 May 2012”
        So less than 2 months

  6. I’m not surprised. I came from an iphone 4s (and Lumia 900) and this is hands down the best phone I’ve ever used. Kudos to Samsung and kudos to google. Android has really stepped its game up.

    1. I also came from the iPhone. What do you like over the iPhone? Just curious.

      1. I’ve never had an iPhone, but my sister does. You can do face unlock, pattern unlock (IDK if iPhone can do that or not), the screen is more beautiful on the GS3 (showed all my family members with iPhones and they were amazed) and we compared to GS3’s camera to iPhone, GS3 won. Just some stuff GS3 is better with.

      2. A few things…first, being able to change default functionality (browser, keyboard, etc.) without having to jailbreak the device is a nice touch. I prefer the hardware over what is available over the current iPhone (build materials, LTE, cameras, etc.).

        iPhone is a great device, but to me the ecosystem feels like a portal to the information you want…whereas I can configure an Android device to get the data in an experience I would enjoy or find logical (if that makes any sense, I’ll go further in the next sentence). Just using Nova Launcher and setting up gestures for the home screens to do things, that right there is enough for me.

    2. Just don’t ever, ever try to double-tap the home button… you will be disappointed.

      1. Personally, I was disappointed by Siri too. Both work about as well as each other. Google Now is clearly better than both. I use my nexus 7 quite a bit.

  7. Actually you can buy the galaxy gs3 international version to
    Use on simple mobile but you’d get raped by Expansys for 700 bucks.
    At least it would only be once. So pick your poison expensive overpriced plan or higher initial price for the phone.

    That’s why I was considering a galaxy s2 if the price dropped more.

    If you know rooting and romming you can still get an ics rom installed on it.

  8. Wonder what the numbers are for each carrier ???

    1. Do you know that other countries exist, don’t you?

      1. We have County _and_ Western!

        j/k Blues Brothers thing ;)

      2. in the US other countries may not exist LOL

  9. I thought there was a headline that said Samsung passed 10m S3’s a while ago. I home it continues!!! Continues for economic reasons, continues to make CrApple nervous!!!!

  10. I bought the first one at my Verizon store as soon as they opened the day they went on sale. I also have a Galaxy Nexus and I gotta say that I am in love with the S3 more. My son who has always been an iPhone person also met me a the Verizon store the same day and bought an S3 and sold his 4s and really loves his S3. This is not surprising.

  11. The S3 is amazing, but I’m holding off until someone releases a Tegra 3 LTE phone. I really want keep Tegra Zone.

    Can someone release this already?

  12. Im one of those 10M. I have my 32gb S3 in the mail. Will have it Thurs! Cant wait…

  13. As a GS3 owner, I am not surprised in the least. I am 99% happy with this phone (minus 1% for having the power button directly opposite the volume controls). I waited out-of-contract for a year for this phone and am very glad that I did!

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