[Humor] This American Psycho parody is a scarily accurate representation of our times


I’m not going to say much here. Just watch, and enjoy. If you’d like to check out the original scene from the movie, head over to Gizmodo.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Was i suppose be humored -_- f did i just watch?

    1. It’s a parody of the movie American Psycho, where the wallstreet douches compare the quality of their business cards.

    2. It said American Psycho parody. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get it if you haven’t seen/read American Psycho.

  2. Near the end, he dropped the S3 on the table (without a case) and nobody flinched. In real life, he might’ve been punched in the face. :)

    1. I noticed that too…if that was my phone….wow he’d have some explaining to do…I mean in the commercial it is a S3, I got a gnex…those are precious, unlike iphones :P

    2. Maybe it’s a hint at the durability of the phone? I used to have a Droid Charge and that thing (while a pos now) was nearly indestructible. It was thrown at least 20 ft, landed in the ditch then bounced into the road, I sat there and watched it happen and didn’t flinch or even question it. No case, and the phone was still 100% in tact (minus the battery which usually always comes out, but doesn’t get damaged). The only thing that ever hurt it is when it got washed, at which point it became a temporary paper weight. The S3 may be the same way, assuming it didn’t follow the GNex with it’s “protected glass” bullshit.

      1. Yeah, my SGS1 Captivate has likewise been proven to be nearly indestructable. Has taken a ton of toddler abuse and keeps on ticking. Only a few small scratches on the gorilla glass.

        The S3, on the other hand, seems to be slightly less durable due to its larger size and thinner gorilla glass. Tons of reports of cracked glass on XDA from people whose previous phones could take the same abuse.

  3. I love how easily the iPhone got Pwned. x)

  4. My DROIDX was nearly indestructible

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