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Uniquely Android is a series we started last week to shine the spotlight on those apps that take advantage of the unique capabilities of the platform and provide an experience that you wouldn’t find in most other phones. Last week we featured Plug In Launcher. You can read about it here.

If I had to pick out a set of apps that I can’t live without, AirDroid would most certainly be amongst them. It isn’t the only one to provide the functionality that it does (I’ll just get to that), but is by far the most polished in its category. So, what exactly is it?

AirDroid is an app that allows the user to control several aspects of their Android device from another device, via the browser and a common WiFi connection. Just switch on the app on your phone or tablet, launch, and type in the pass code displayed on your Android device or (my personal choice) scan the QR code displayed in the browser.

After that, you’re displayed with a “desktop” within the browser through which you can perform several actions such as sending and receiving messages, transfer files over WiFi, view the media on your device and transfer it if you desire, install apps, browse through contacts, push URLs and even add text to the clipboard.

Personally, my main uses are file transfer (I don’t remember the last time I connected my phone via USB for a file transfer) and sending messages when I’m working, and would rather not pick up my phone and type it out. Though it’s not perfect, I sometimes even connect my phone to my tablet, particularly when I’m reading a book or something. It’s an amazing little tool to have.

You can download AirDroid over here.


Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. By far the greatest app for Android. I had since release. Must get for anyone that doesn’t and its Free so no excuses.

  2. I’ve been using it for quite a while. Excellent little free app :)

  3. Best non-google app

    Also haven’t connected my cable in ages for file transfer.
    The only thing better than this app would be having your mobile phone controlled through the browser with a mouse and keyboard.

    Google needs to buy this company and expand on this idea!

    1. Could be useful for Motorola, too, if they wanna improve their Webtop offering

      1. True, but I like to see android improve as a whole and not just limited to specific OEMs.

        1. Doesn’t google own motorola mobile anyway?

    2. There is an app that does that. Last year I found out about Webkey (I pretty positive that is what it’s named), however it was just too slow at the time. Also didn’t help not having a great signal on phone or comp. however I did have its uses.

      1. Yeh it is what I meant, but it requires root and doesn;t look as polished as I need it to be. If it’s slow it’s practically useless.

        Thanks anyway!

  4. AirDroid uses FTP protocol for transfer doesn’t it?

    Anyway I found file transfer through samba shares much faster than AirDroid, its a good app nonetheless. For managing texts etc.

    1. It’s a local http server.

  5. How is this different than Kies air? I’m curious

    1. Works with all Android on any platform.

    2. Less bloaty, and works everywhere.

  6. I tried this only because the galaxy nexus does not play nice via regular usb for file transfer,etc…and I prefer others, to be honest. But, it does get the job done.

  7. This app still hasn’t been updated for the Galaxy S3, so, it doesn’t see the “/mnt/extSdCard/” external sd card yet – only the internal sd. Other than that, it’s a great app; better than Samsung’s KiesAir. (Another app, named WiFile, also only sees the internal sd fwiw).

    I use AirDroid mainly because MTP (vs USB Mass Storage) is fail, and wirelessN is fast enough for most stuff.

  8. AirDroid is godsend for the Galaxy Nexus

  9. I use airdroid a lot myself, I just make a bookmark on my browser for it for a quick and easy access. You can even do texting through it as well. Using your tablet or pc. Works really good with chrome

  10. Very useful . got it and I have no regrets

  11. I just used this app yesterday because I thought I could actually control the music player via my macbook because my phone was plugged into my speakers that was upstairs. It kind of worked because I was able to change the song at random because I’m on CM7 which has the option of holding the volume up or down button to change the song. Would have have kept it if it was able to launch files such as mp3’s so that when I clicked a song file from my sd card, it would automatically open the music player by default and start playing.

  12. Hmm hopefully this works with my prevail so I can text easier as if I take the phone out of the window I completely lose my signal so being able to text from my pc gives me a full keyboard instead of trying to use the one on the small 3.2 inch screen of the prevail.

  13. Nice

  14. just seen a app called snappea its just like this

  15. Great job on these articles. I’ve gotten both this and plug in launcher. Please keep it up!

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