Red Samsung Galaxy S III coming to AT&T


Want to get the Samsung Galaxy S III, but want more color options? If yes, then you might be interested in this red offering that’s up for pre-order at AT&T. Or you could just pick up a case, which I’d suggest because honestly, this looks pretty ugly to me. And I’m someone who loves red.

Thanks, Junior Luna

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. that red is just ugly to me, I wish that the s3 came in black, but I got the white one which I think looks good but not as good as black tho

    1. Its not red, its magenta. Learn to embrace your feminine side.

      1. it’s actually garnet

        1. I’m afraid that I have to confiscate your man card for that one. You can have it back once you unlearn fancy color names.

  2. I thought journalist’s were supposed to report facts, not opinions.

    1. Sue me

      1. Lol agreed… Tell it how it is Raveesh!

      2. I appreciate honest opinions. What I don’t appreciate is the pandering that shows up occasionally (not from you).

      3. Opinions are accepted in reviews and things of the sort. Your article and your response to my statement show that you are nothing more than an immature fanboy who happened to get a job at a barely known Android News Website. Just because other “news” sources share their opinions, doesn’t mean you have to follow suite. You could set the example and do your job properly.

        Nobody cares of you don’t like the color. The article should have ended after you said AT&T was getting it. You also could have just posted it with the list of other crap that isn’t long enough to make a real story. What do you call it again, the “Android Overload” or whatever.

        1. Dude, if you’re having a bad day, then just calm down, take a few deep breaths and maybe watch a few funny videos here and there.

          Until the owners of this website tell me not be opinionated, I shall continue to do so. I call myself a blogger, not a journalist, I am an “immature fanboy” and I have worn that title with pride and shall continue to do so, and I have no desire to become a journalist with higher ethical values. Not to say I won’t criticize Android, Google, any of the manufacturers or anyone else if they’ve made a mistake. I have in the past.

          1. I’m not really having a bad day. At one point in time I could open this app and find out everything happening in the Android (and some other Companies) world. I personally just don’t like how lately there have been more opinionated posts than ever. There’s more material based on opinions now than there are facts.

            I quit read Android Central because for awhile they barely wrote anything new. I liked Phandroid better anyway so it didn’t bother me. However lately I have been thinking of jumping ship again (which I really wouldn’t like to do.)

            I love the new app, I just miss the old material. I always figured that opinions are meant for the comments.

          2. I don’t know what happened to my post. Maybe its just me but after I got a random force close it looks like there are a bunch of spaces in my post. Sorry about that, try to make the best of it I guess. lol

          3. i always love hearing the opinions of the people whom i figure know most about android news. and he DID wait to share his opinion until after he noted all the facts. i think that is the perfect format! thank you Raveesh i think you’re a wonderful addition to Phandroid!!

    2. This is a blog. Opinions are perfectly acceptable. Hell, look at Fox News. They consider themselves a news organization and all they do is report opinions. At least this is just a blog.

    3. This is not the New York Times…it’s a blog. Opinions are a big part of it.

  3. Lucky bastards I want the red one

  4. There are wayyyyyy tooooo many black electronics in this world as it is, it’s nice to see white, blue, and other colors.

  5. the red is definitely the best looking of the white and blue. I work at Att an have held it

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