Google buys e-mail client vendor Sparrow


Google and Sparrow have just announced that the former would be purchasing the latter in a deal for an undisclosed amount. Sparrow is a software development studio that makes one of the most highly acclaimed email clients for Mac and iOS. Mail is a big deal for Google so their interest in a company with that expertise is no shocker: we’re just surprised they decided Sparrow.

The team reassured everyone that Sparrow would continue to be supported, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be actively developing new features. The most we can be promised are security and stability updates going forward. Sparrow will eventually be integrated with the Gmail team so a majority of their focus will likely be on Google stuff. But what exactly?

Well, it’s hard to say for sure. Since they specialize in native UI clients and not web clients we’re not sure they’ll be working on that front. And since Sparrow is an iOS and Mac specialist studio we’re not sure if their talents will be put to use on Android.

Perhaps this move is to help Google get their admittedly sub-par iOS email client up to speed with the times (in which case this doesn’t really concern us too much). In short, anything is possible and neither Google nor Sparrow are keen on revealing too much of what this is all about just yet. Thoughts? [via Sparrow]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Best purchase Google has made since the Motorola deal.

  2. The iOS users are pissed, they were all hoping for Apple to buy Sparrow.

    1. Actually not pisswd off at all, at least me I never used sparrow anyways, I like how the stock mail app works

      1. Really I hate the stock Email app for iOS. Ever since the iOS Sparrow app came out people kept saying how Apple should buy them and I thought they were but I never saw this coming.

        1. Hmm might be just me, maybe because I only have a couple of emails, but for me it’s worked pretty flawlessly since day 1.

  3. Steve Jobs must be spinning in his grave now at 40,000 rpm. Lol.

    1. Over that deal? Hardly

    2. Who cares about Jobs. Let’s move on. What does Tim Cook think of this. Unless the zombie apocalypse comes .. what Jobs would think doesn’t matter.

  4. This just in… Apple granted patent of the email client.

  5. Google should just start buying up all the really good apps on iOS and move them all to Android see how many people like there iPhones with only crappy apps

  6. This is great news. Sparrow offers one of the greatest email clients on any market, and this acquisition could very well spell out Google’s step forward for offering us a much needed improvement to our current Android email experience. Not to say Gmail on Android is bad, but there’s always room for improvement and the implementation of what Sparrow has to offer could be just what some of us are looking for.

  7. Not a bad idea. But everything that enhances or contributes to Apple products… Just be weary of future patent infringements.

  8. I meant buy..

  9. For a better interface with exchange servers? Still wish my flags worked.

  10. I went to app store to see what the fuss was all about….no app is available for the ipad and iphone app has a ‘sold to goog’ sign on it!! That you cant delete more than one email at a time makes apples email client the worst evah

  11. I hope this helps the dismal email app situation on android.


  13. Sparrow is an amazing app on my Mac. I hope Google will help make my Gmail experience even better on it!

    1. They won’t. Sparrow isn’t getting any more new features following this purchase.

  14. The iSheep are all pissed off, it’s almost sad to see them freak out again over something that in the long run will be good for them

  15. I still do not understand how people support a company like apple who have sweatshops, are dirty in business, hold the world from innovations and when they happen by some God damn reason they came up with it even if they can’t prove it. Good job Google for meaning to do no evil unlike your child-slaving counter part.(Apple)

  16. Sparrow for mac is my favorite. Sucks that development is going to stop :(

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