AT&T announces shared data plans of their own starting in August


AT&T will soon offer a shared data package for customers wishing to pair multiple devices with a single data allowance of up to 20GB per month. Dubbed Mobile Share, the package offers subscribers the chance to add up to 10 devices to the same service plan, sharing unlimited talk and text with smartphone plans starting at $45 per month plus data options beginning at $40 for 1GB of access. For the largest data option of 20GB users can expect to pay $200 per month, but the per smartphone price drops to $30. Other devices can be added at various monthly fees, with tablets gaining access for $10.

If the pricing and structure sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because AT&T’s Mobile Share has plenty in common with Verizon’s recently announced Share Everything package. It would seem carriers see a future in this style of subscription. With AT&T, customers will still have a choice between Mobile Share, a traditional, or family plan. Mobile Share launches in August.


New Mobile Share Plans Allow Customers to Easily Share Data Across Smartphones, Tablets and Other Devices

New and Current Customers Not Required To Choose or Switch to Shared Plans

DALLAS, JULY 18, 2012- AT&T* customers will soon have more options in choosing the plan that’s right for them and their mobile devices. With new AT&T Mobile Share plans, available in late August, new and existing customers can share a single bucket of data acrosss martphones, tablets, and other compatible devices, plus get unlimited talk and text. AT&T Mobile Share plans make it easy for customers to manage their data, voice minutes and texting, without needing to keep track of multiple plans.

Customers can select one of the new shared data plans or choose one of AT&T’s existing individual or family plans. Current customers are not required to switch to the new plans, but can choose to do so without a contract extension. There are no changes to AT&T’s device upgrade policy, which means customers eligible to upgrade to AT&T’s best device price are not required to switch plans. The new plans will also be available for business customers.

With AT&T Mobile Share plans, customers start by choosing how much data they want each month, then choose up to 10 devices to attach to their shared plan, one of which must be a smartphone. Each plan includes tethering and unlimited domestic calls and texts for smartphones and basic or quick messaging phones. The larger the data bucket you choose, the less you pay per gigabyte and the less you pay for each smartphone added to the shared plan.

AT&T Mobile Share allows customers to essentially build a plan to fit their devices and usage. Customers who are more data-centric can choose a larger data bucket. Customers who typically use more voice than data can add multiple smartphones and basic phones and opt for a smaller data bucket.

“We offer customers a broad choice and the best lineup of plans, now enhanced by Mobile Share,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility. “With these new plans, the more you share, the more you save. They’ll be a good fit for a variety of new and existing customers. But if customers want to stay on their current plan or choose from our existing plans, they can do that, too. It’s their choice.

“Today we think of people’s smartphones and tablets sharing a bucket of data. But in the future we’ll see health care monitors, connected cars, security systems and other devices in the home all connected to the mobile Internet,” said Christopher. “Our Mobile Share plans are simple, easy and a great value for individuals or families with multiple mobile Internet devices.”

Mobile Share plans give customers more control over how, where and on what device they use data – which has become more important as people use more data devices. You can choose to use more of your data bucket on your tablet, for example, or tap into your databucket only when needed for devices you use occassionally. And by consolidating data plans, you can take advantage of any data you currently have unused each month by efficiently sharing it across devices.

“The ‘more you share, the more you save’ concept is one that will resonate well with customers because of the value provided through the Mobile Share data plans themselves and in smartphone connection fees,” said Roger Entner, Founder and Lead Analyst of Recon Analytics. “AT&T also is providing its customers with flexibility and choice by keeping its existing data plans and not requiring customers to move to Mobile Share unless they want to. It’s a win-win for both AT&T and its customers.”

To help customers track their data usage, AT&T keeps users informed with courtesy alerts as they near their data allowance for the month. Also, customers can check their usage at anytime online, through the myAT&T mobile app, or by calling *DATA# from their mobile phone.

Each data plan also includes access to more than 30,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots – the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network** among wireless carriers – at no additional charge. Wi-Fi usage at public hotspots, home or office does not count toward the monthly wireless data plan usage.

Customers can learn more about the new plans and determine which plan is best for them at

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  1. $40 for 1GB’S is ridiculous.Money hungry company’s

    1. The data rates make Verizon’s look cheap!

      1. uh isnt Verizon’s $40/smartphone + $50/1gb

  2. monkey see monkey do!!

  3. I laugh at every Verizon customer that said they were leaving because of this. Every company is going to have these plans.

    1. I left Verizon (not because of this) and went to Straight Talk with a Galaxy Nexus. I’m paying $45 for unlimited voice & text, and “unlimited”* data. Better phone (than my Bionic, OR the Gnex on Verizon) and better coverage (in my area – but that’s NJ – Verizon’s home turf!).

    2. Laugh away at them while they count the money they saved switching to an MVNO provider.

      1. I’d drop Verizon in a heartbeat and go to an MVNO if there was one that had LTE coverage. Sprint’s LTE MVNO doesnt count because its non-existent atm

        1. I’ve been checking out Ting and Simple Mobile. Both have 4G coverage in my area and depending on usage, both could save me a *lot* of money unless things change dramatically in the next year.

  4. As much as I love my GS3, at some point I will go back to a dumb Feature Phone rather than be held hostage by these guys. And they are getting real close to that point. AT&T and Verizon may be on the verge of killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

    1. I don’t think I could ever go back to a feature phone. My phone (and tablet tethered to my phone) are how I spend the majority of my time online.

    2. You should take a look at straightalk. I’m currently on Sprint but Just ordered a Gnex yesterday. As soon as it gets here I’m making the switch. $45 a month for unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and “unlimited” data (some users say 2gb is the cap others have gone over 5gb). It is going to cut my phone bill in half and since it runs on the ATT and TMobile towers I’ll have great coverage nationwide. At least I am hoiping so any way. Worse case scenerio is that after a month if it sucks I just sign back up with sprint

      1. Thanks, Andrew – I just read up on their service and it looks like it would work well for me. I appreciate your help!

  5. If only you could use the data you pay for with AT&T.

  6. The way I read it:

    “plans starting at $45 per month”
    Hey that’s not too bad.

    “plus data options beginning at $40 for 1GB of access”
    HOLY SH*TBALLS that’s pricey!

  7. at&t should change their name to at&fee

  8. This plan looked acceptable to me, as it would give our three smartphones a bigger pool of data PLUS tethering. However, when I saw they wanted $30 a month for mom and dad’s dumbphones…YIKES!!!

  9. Would have loved to see “rollover data” hahaha *keeps dreaming*

  10. The carriers will continue to get away with these ridiculous prices because most people just put up with it and pay for it because they can’t put their devices down. Carriers have us by the balls and they know it.

    1. Sad but true. We’re overdue for a consumer revolt.

  11. FORTY DOLLARS for ONE measly gigabyte is INSANELY overpriced. Especially considering that one gigabyte shared among several devices and/or people would go like THAT! *snaps fingers* People want to see an industry that is TRULY gouging their customers, look no further than the cell phone industry.

  12. WAY too Expensive. Both Verizon and ATT are charging about twice what the “Plans” should cost.

  13. Looks like I’ll save zero dollars with this new plan.

  14. Duopoly! Verizon and AT&T are “Eiffel towering” you all!

  15. Will the unused data rollover to next month !

  16. CBS should do inside review on at&fee!!

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