Nexus 7 receives minor OTA update


It’s not uncommon to see an OTA update roll out to a device before or on the day of its launch (or within a few days of its launch either way). The Nexus 7 is no exception as it appears a minor OTA update is rolling out to users. Build JRO03D doesn’t seem to do much to change the experience.

Aside from a more fleshed out About Tablet screen it appears to be some uneventful update. There may be more things under the hood, of course, but there’s no telling what those changes are, and because we tend to trust Google to never inject malicious code into their own software we can’t say we’re not grateful.

Some users are already having fun with their tablets as it began shipping to pre-orderers late last week. As the week moves on more of you should be just as privileged to have the device as anyone. Be sure to hit up the Nexus 7 section at to discuss everything about the device, including this OTA. [via IntoMobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. seeing as i pre-ordered and still have NOTHING from google as in device,charge, or an email all i can do is read this article and sadface / facepalm. #faillaunch

    1. In my country this will not be available within 6 month at least. And even when it will be available it will cost more then 200$. So just stop whining.. They do have a lot of orders.

      1. Well excuse the hell out of me dude. You not being able to get it for whatever reason in your country is the least of my concerns. Dont worry about what I got going on. No shit they got alot of orders. Mine being one of them. At no point in time did I state mine was any more important then anyone elses order. I would just like to get some kind news as to wtf is going on with MINE. Seeing as the Google Wallet support people are lost int he sauce about it and so is everyone else, I sure as hell do have a right to vent about it. My post didnt concern you at all. Could have just gone about your business and not commented.Thanks for being a tool. Im not the only one who has a bad taste in their mouth of paying for extra shipping and all that and getting NOTHING. its friggin BS.

    2. I got a shipping confirmation close to midnight on Friday. My package wasn’t trackable until this morning. I will get it tomorrow. SO glad I was forced to pay $20+ for 2-day shipping that is actually going to be 5-day shipping. This pre-order has really paid off :(

      1. um…it’s common knowledge that UPS doesn’t ship on weekends so even if Google allowed pickups Friday night for some packages, UPS didn’t actually start moving it until today. In reality you’re getting one day shipping, so I’d think you’d be happy…

        1. I “pre-ordered” from Google. Essentially, I paid to get in the front of the line. Google didn’t ship until the day of retail availability or days after. And in this case, they shipped right before a weekend. Everything about this pre-order process for the Google faithful has been horribly botched.

          It might sound petty and “first-world-problemish”, but had I known they would have been available in stores already, I would’ve forgone the pre-order and just gotten one downtown already. Google should look up the definition of pre-order before they do this again.

          1. True but you are still probably better off this way. I just read an article detailing how hard it is right now to actually find a Nexus 7 in brick and mortar stores:

          2. Dude your wrong, just admit it and move on with life….

          3. Might sound first-world problemish? Horribly botched? You are a sensationalist.

      2. If it shipped this morning and you’re getting it tomorrow, that is 2nd day shipping. The label was printed friday and it was prepared for shipping. they call that the processing time. Also sat and sun do not count as business days.

        It is a very common misconception about shipping structures and timeframes.

        1. My issue is with Google and when they shipped it, not so much with UPS. UPS is what UPS is.

      3. Ditto. Got my google email on Friday night; being delivered by UPS tomorrow by End of Day (7/17). I really didn’t expect it so soon after my first email, because they had to charge my card twice, after I updated the expiration date.
        (I pre-ordered the 16GB on day2, FWIW)

  2. I pre-ordered mine within 1 hour of the site going live and have not received anything from Google. I called and they stated that I should get an email in about 2 to 3 business days and then the tablet 2 business days after that. I am looking forward to playing with this thing before the end of this week.

    1. Did you order a case too?

      1. Yes, I did order a case the same day with the same order.

        1. Everyone who is having this issue also reported ordering the case. Anecdotally, it seems like ordering the case has slowed your order. Sorry dude.

          1. I haven’t received any information at all yet either. However, I did *not* order the case.

            Edit: Wasn’t meant as a direct reply to anyone in particular. Sorry for it directing right to you, Southrncomfortjm.

          2. All good :)

          3. Oh? I would’ve gladly traded places with some of these folks then. I’d rather have waited to get my Nexus WITH the case, instead of getting it tomorrow with NO case. My toddler’s going to bash this thing before I get a case for it…

          4. I’m not sure there is a case in existance that can withstand a toddler.

    2. I pre-ordered mine on the 27th and have not received any shipping notification, just the initial email that they received my order. I did order the case as well so perhaps that’s the cause of the delay – or the reason why others have received shipping emails and I have not. My credit card has not been charged either…

  3. Mine should arrive tomorrow! To bad I work double shifts until Friday and won’t really be able to play with it until then

    1. Mine arrives tomorrow also, ordered it the day it was revealed at IO.

  4. Might I ask what all you people intend to do with this device?
    Will you carry it along when you go out the house, will you only use it indoors?
    And what will you do on it that you couldn’t on a phone? (and something that you will actually use it for, not just say, watch movies on a bigger screen and then proceed tow atch it on your HD tv screen)

    Because I really want to get one, but I don’t know what I’d use it for that would validate the purchase. If you can convicne me it will be usefull I will get one (when it is finally released here, probablyu september I think)
    I don’t want to be the person getting this for the sake of getting this (like the people I frowned upon when they got an iPad for no reason other than to own an iPad)

    1. I read a lot on my kindle, but it suck at displaying pdf, so having a tablet would be nice if you read a lot and don’t have an e-reader or read a lot of pdf. A screen with a high resolution will make content with low resolution look worse, than a screen with a normal resolution (this was a huge problem when people stop using crt screens). So if you have a lot of old video you watch, it will be nicer to watch it on a nexus 7 than your full HD-TV (this isn’t a problem for most people since they have crappy eyes, but for me it is important). Surfing on the internet are a lot more comfortable on a tablet compared to a phone, since you have a bigger screen to look at.

      When it comes down to it, a tablet is a gadget, but when it doesn’t cost more it is a gadget that is fully worth its price. Hopes it helps making your decision, and in worse case scenario, you can give it your parents, they will most likely love it.

      1. My parents……..not MY parents xD

    2. Better Battery Life than your phone. Able to research on a bigger screen less strain on your eyes then your phone. Stream videos and music anywhere. Helps prevent your phone from dieing faster. Small and portable. Nivida Tegra 3 processor games look way better than on your phone. $200 tablet opposed to $500. It’s a Nexus device so you’ll always get the latest updates FIRST! It’s F**ken GOOGLE BABY!!

      1. I hardly game on mobile devices (mostly because the cool games are paid apps and I don;t have a credit card)

        Got the GNex now, so I know the lures of the nexus line, but still wondering whether it will be usefull.,…..the price is awesome…..but if I don;t put it to use its still money wasted

        1. I got the Galaxy Nexus as well. So you know the horrible battery life it has. Granted i got the extended battery a week ago since having it at launch. Not having a credit card is a bummer yes but, get the amazon app and check it everyday. They offer a Paid app free everyday. And that’s where i get all my paid apps from. FOR FREE. If your tight on money and have a laptop then save your money until you find more use of a tablet. I wanted a new mp3 player and a tablet. Thats why i got it. Killed to birds with one stone. Not the smallest mp3 player and not the best tablet but, for the price and the brand i felt it was a good buy. Hope this helps and good luck.

          1. You have to have a Cred card attached to your amazon account before you cna get those once a day free apps. Tried it in the past and wanted me to add a CC to my account before I could even get it so yeah thats a fail in my eyes. Proably why I use googles play store instead of amazons appmarket.

            I have a small screen on my prevail only 3.2 inches which is perfect for texting and calling people and listening to music so I use the 7 inch screen on my Nook Tablet for everything else including watching all my movies/anime, Reading, Browsing the web, I dont use my device for playing games at all. I play all my games on my pc and I tend to either watch a video or read if I am out and have some time to kill. So yeah my tablet is quite useful for me.

          2. FYI: A debit card or a pre-paid card will work just as well.

          3. Amazon market is not available where I live….it used to have a workaround for, but that doesn;t work anymore :(
            Rumors has it that they will allows Europe access somewhere in the summer….really hoping for that!

      2. It’s Wi-Fi only, so if you want to “Stream videos and music anywhere,” you’ll have to tether… that won’t “help prevent your phone from dieing faster.”

    3. Nexus 7 + eBook + hammock + warm summer night = Win

      For me at least.

      1. And what do you do in the hammock with the device…that is waht I wnated to know

        1. Read the eBook

    4. I carry mine to work every day because I use it on the job quite a bit. I have it in a leather case, most people think I’m carrying a day planner. As for what I use it for, keeping track of office files and such, but I also use it during teleconferences when the meetings get boring.

  5. Anybody know where I can get me one of these? I am in the greater Boston area,

    1. Got mine from Sams Club. No pre order or BS. Walked in and grabbed it.

      1. Thanks. Do they require a membership to shop there?

        1. Ya they do. I borrowed my friends card.

  6. Has anyone found a decent browser for the n7 . Stock android won’t load, ICS browser+ crashes and dolphin punch zoom doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas.

    1. Chrome

    2. Doesn’t Chrome come as the stock replacement in JB?

    3. the Tablet version of Maxthon is what I use on my Nook Tablet instead of dolphin which needs a paid third party to be able to import firefox bookmarks and that a subscription to the third party so no thank you. Just installed the maxthon desktop browser set up an account import your bookmarks into the desktop version then just sync to the cloud and sign into your account on the tablet version and voila you got your bookmarks. The tab version works well on my 7inch nook tablet.

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