Jul 14th, 2012

It’s no breaking news that AT&T is preparing to launch its shared data plans, a topic we have coincidentally been discussing today. We haven’t heard any other details since earlier this year, leaving Verizon as the pioneer of shared data plans. It seems Big Red might be very close to having some company in this club, though.

A Techno Buffalo fan has graced us with a screenshot of a text message displaying his data usage. Lo and behold, it included a new category displaying “Group Data.” Of course, the image displays zero MB used; these plans are not yet available to customers. This definitely means that something is in the works, though. AT&T shared data plans could be coming very soon.

It should be interesting to see how Ma Bell’s prices will match up against Verizon. We would not expect the deal of the year, though, as Verizon and AT&T prices tend to stay pretty “competitive” or similar. But who knows! AT&T might just throw us a curve ball.

[Techno Buffalo]

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