AT&T CEO Says Shared Data Family Plans Are Coming Soon


The race for shared data is on. It’s been long rumored and semi-confirmed that both AT&T and Verizon will be offering shared data plans for families on a budget, but when it comes to AT&T — it looks like they could be first out the gate. In an interview with Cnet, AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega said he felt very “comfortable” with the upcoming shared data plans.

This coming after previous statements from the CEO who, back in January, didn’t seem to enthusiastic saying AT&T would have to overcome IT and billing issues, as well as figure out exactly how they were going to subsidize devices on these plans.

Seems most of the issues may have been worked out with the CEO now saying AT&T knows exactly how these plans will be structured. Still no word on exactly when we can expect these new shared data plans to roll out, but Mr. de la Vega did mention they should be available in the coming months.

Where do you guys stand on shared data family plans? Is it something you’ve been interested in and do you think it could help lower that monthly bill?

Chris Chavez
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  1. They will stick it to us. There in the business of making money. Not helping us.

  2. Definitely won’t help most people. Just another way for them to take our money.

  3. This will suck, AT&T screwed their unlimited customers with their low data throttling so this will be worse.

    1. It’s during times like these I just ask “WHAT’S GOIN ON?!”

  4. I can only see this being goo with T-mobile Value plans or something similar.

  5. Nothing call it a true unlimited like Sprint. No one can match it at all. unless you are willing to pay more money. I have seven line on my family plan with Sprint, our share plane it`s $110.0 a month and it has 1500 mints, we use around 700 mint a month, plus we have everything unlimited.. no VZW, AT&T or T-Mobile can match this. If they can do it I would like to see the billing sheet.

  6. it’ll probably be nearly the same if not more. They’ll probably spin it as its a privilege to share data, you must pay for that feature! If they can validate charging extra for tethering on tiered data plans they’ll never “lose” money on shared data.

  7. I left ATT back in March of 2010 cause Vzn was *1st* with LTE!!!

  8. If AT&T does this right it could be great for all …. If its say 40 or 50 for 4-5 gb for the first 2 lines then 10$for each additional line and add a gig or 20$ for each additional line with 2gb added that could be great for customers and the comany because now more people will get smart phones

  9. No one is really giving us much information from what I can see. Are these plans forced, or optional?

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