Verizon Bound HTC 6435 Appears In GLBenchmark – Full HD Display and S4 Pro Processor Crushes The Competition


Alright, this is all getting a bit complicated but try to keep up. Earlier today we told you guys about a possible HTC “Evitareul” heading to AT&T as a souped up One X, featuring a Tegra 3 processor and the (now standard) 720p display. Weird that a follow up One X would be coming to AT&T a few months later with only a quad-core processor to show for itself, but let’s move along.

Before that, there was a benchmark leaked for an HTC Vertex HD complete with Tegra 3 processor and 720p display. No word on display size, but I’d expect something along the lines of a 7-inch tablet ala the HTC Flyer from back in the day. So what about the high-end 10-inch tablet market? Well, it’s looking like HTC could be soon covering their bases there as well.

Now, we have a GLBenchmark for a certain “HTC 6435 LVW,” a mysterious device headed to Verizon Wireless with a codename all too similar to the HTC Rezound (6425). Could this mean a follow up handset? Maybe. Let’s get to the interesting part. The HTC 6435 isn’t your run of the mill Android device. No, sir. This device features a full 1080p HD display and one of Qualcomm’s all new S4 “Pro” processors. This isn’t the typical S4 processor we’ve been seeing in smartphones and tablets lately. The S4 Pro features a more powerful Adreno 320 GPU capable of smashing benchmarks and breaking hearts. Don’t believe me? The benchmarks below speak for themselves.

Compare that same GLBenchmark to one from the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity — a tablet with 1080p display, and quad-core Tegra 3 processor — the Infinity was only capable of reaching 76.6fps under the Egypt off-screen 720p test. While that’s still nothing to sneeze at, that’s a far cry from the HTC 6435’s blistering 121.1fps. Sweet, mother of pearl.

The only thing left unanswered is whether or not this device will be a phone, tablet or both? It’s been long rumored HTC has been hard at work on a 5-inch Galaxy Note competitor, but I have a feeling that may be nothing more than the previously benched HTC Vertex HD. This… this is something more. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up (seriously, this is more than likely a tablet), but given the rumor mill has been unusually quiet regarding Nexus rumors — how cool would it be if this was a Google sanctioned, HTC Nexus device? Excuse me, sirs, I’ll be needing to change my underpants now.

[GLBenchmark | Netbook Italia]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. If it was stock I’d be interested

  2. The last line gives the author away haha

    1. lol gotta say he definitely stands out among the other writers..only one that makes me excited/chuckle at the same time :D

      1. and hot and bothered…

          1. You have a lot of fans it seems. Haha

    2. Yeah it does!

  3. It’ll be a tablet. HTC doesn’t have the capabilities to design and produce their own internal hardware. They just source from others. On top of that, no company has been able to mass produce high density panels in the 400+ PPI range. Even if they could, they’d use it in their own devices first. Just like how the first 720p smartphones were made by manufacturers who could make the panels themselves, namely LG and Samsung.

    1. Samsung makes a higher ppi panel for iPhone then they use right? or no?

      1. No not as far as I know. The highest I’ve seen on a Samsung panel is their 315.83 PPI panel in the Galaxy Nexus. LG makes the panel in the iPhone 4/4S. There are higher resolution panels in use in other devices such as the HTC Rezound and Xperia S which are 4.3″ 720p at 341.54 PPI.

  4. I am disappointed with the Adreno 320…its never the fastest GPU around..The Mali 400-MP GPU found in SIII is still better than this..

    1. the Galaxy S3 doesn’t have a 1080p display though

      1. But you can actually buy it right now. Nobody knows when this thing is coming out and by the time it does, something better is going to be right around the corner. To top that off, you can’t even take advantage of that GPU… there’s nothing that really uses that kind of horsepower yet and Qualcomm isn’t doing anything to change that… same thing with Samsung and Ti.

        1. I don’t see why any of that is important when we’re just talking about benchmarks, not how important they are or even whether or not you should wait for this thing to come out…

      2. Remember te galaxy s II design does stereoscopic 3D and 1080p @70 FPS

  5. Typical android schedule. Release the update version a few months after releasing the original.

    1. this doesn’t seem to be an “update version” of anything. HTC’s never made a phablet before so….

  6. I would love it if HTC got back in the Nexus game with an absolute world beater like this…BUT…not with VZW like you suggest this device is heading. They completely embarrassed the pure Google/Nexus experience and frankly should not be allowed to get their greasy paws on one again. Now if El Goog wanted to release a CDMA version through the Play Store for our brethren bound to Verizon’s ship, that would be cool (as long as a GSM one comes first)

    1. Google can’t release a CDMA model for Verizon and sell it themselves. Verizon won’t let foreign ESNs activate on their network. Google could potentially make an LTE only model with Verizon frequencies, but then you’d have no CDMA fallback when there’s no LTE coverage.

  7. Available in January 2013, right after the Cortex A15 equipped Exynos 5250, OMAP5, and Tegra 4 devices hit store shelves with performance that beats the S4 Pro. 4-6 months after that, the new A6 SOC from Apple will take the crown followed by the Qualcomm S5, then Exynos, then Tegra…

    It’s all pointless crap. The only SOC that delivers a performance advantage everyone can use is the Tegra because nVidia cares more about benchmarks… they want you to actually ENJOY the extra horsepower by bringing special features to Android apps and games.

    I hope other companies and more developers start to make these other SOCs shine because higher mobile benchmark scores aren’t reason enough anymore.

  8. If this is a One series coming to Verizon then I am glad I haven’t pulled the trigger on the Incredible 4G.

    If this is the next Nexus then I have no problem waiting.

    If this is a Note competitor then color me disappointed that the iPhone
    and the Incredible are the only reasonably sized phones left on the
    market. And if this is a decent sized phone and they give a stupid name like Rezound 2 then color me extra disappointed.

    I doubt this is a tablet because of the new Share Everything plans eliminating subsidized tablets.

  9. I never buy a phone as result of the benchmark test.

  10. How can you spot an HTC Phone? It’s the one plugged in! I sure hope that changes!

  11. F’N Verizon is making it impossible for power users like myself to keep unlimited data by coming out with badass HTC phones Lol. Can’t wait will reserve asap……………………….

  12. If this is truly a Verizon phone, it’s right on schedule for their timely launch process. Us nerds get the leak about 6 months prior to the initially announced launch, then Verizon will surely push it back, again, and again.

    Hopefully the next Nexus is built with slightly better hardware for longevity’s sake. Otherwise, software builds mean more to me than benchmarks.

  13. there hasn’t been a VZ tablet in awhile. Fits the bill.

  14. When is Nexus Time? When should we start expecting rumors?

  15. S4 Pro and 1080p 5inch screen would be par for the course in Q4, it’ll be interesting to see 1.7ghz and Adreno 320 head to head with a 2.0ghz and Mali T604 chip, something tells me it’ll be less powerful but more efficient overall. I’d be more impressed if they’d get on the “big battery” and 64gb uSD card trend honestly, spec bumbs aside, they suffer from bad conceptual design more than anything else.

  16. None of this matters if it has worse battery life than the already beast Snapdragon S4. I’d say wait until they go smaller than 28nm for this crap.

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