Jul 12th, 2012

With all of the great things we’ve been told about from the Atrix HD, there’s one black spot on an otherwise good apple: it won’t be coming with Lapdock support and the accompanying software, Webtop.

Motorola says they stripped these features out to keep costs down, and the likely cause of that decision is due to the operator who will be offering it: AT&T. The functionality in the phone itself costs almost nothing to implement, we imagine. It’s the Lapdock accessory that would incur most of the expenses for both parties involved.

We can’t imagine AT&T was happy with the sales of the original Lapdock. The device was grossly overpriced — you could buy a decent tablet or laptop for how much they were asking for. Moving it off the shelves must have been a pain and supply that heavily outweighs demand is an ugly issue for any company.

While we’ve seen Lapdocks for other devices considerably cheaper since then, AT&T probably just doesn’t want to be bothered. In any case, if you’re a bit vexed by this news there’s always the option of not buying it. Or you could just use the money you were going to spend on it to buy a very nice 7 inch tablet. [via The Verge]

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