Starbucks updates Android app with PayPal support, launches mobile payments in UK and Canada


Caffeine fiends, take note. Starbucks has issued an update to their Android app that makes paying for your morning fix with your mobile device easier than ever. In the latest version of the app, users can reload their Starbucks Card directly from PayPal, use enhanced tools to monitor Starbucks Rewards, and deploy a widget to track an account balance or locate a nearby store. The app gains an added level of security with PIN code protection.

The update coincides with the launch of Starbucks for Android in the UK and Canada, where eager coffee fans can now use their mobile devices to purchase  their venti mocha doubleshot latte caramel frappuccino…or just a cup of black joe. Personally, I will take a tea.

Google Play Link: Starbucks

Starbucks Expands Mobile Payment Footprint Globally with Launch of Starbucks® App for Android™ in the UK and Canada

Starbucks enhances the Android app experience for US customers, including PayPal™ integration

SEATTLE, July 11, 2012 – Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) today announced the continued global expansion of the Starbucks mobile platform with the roll-out of Starbucks® app for Android™ to the United Kingdom and Canada. In addition, U.S. customers who download or update to the official Starbucks® app for Android™ will be able to experience new enhancements including a widget, PayPal™ support, PIN code protection, and viewing the My Starbucks Rewards™ history dashboard.

“The expansion of our mobile payment footprint to two of our most important markets is a strong milestone for us, but more importantly, it extends the number of customers who now have a faster and easier way to pay at Starbucks,” said Adam Brotman, chief digital officer at Starbucks Coffee Company. “We are thrilled to extend mobile payment capabilities to Android smartphones in the UK and Canada and enhance the experience in the U.S.”

Customers who download the official Starbucks® app for Android™ in Canada and the UK will now be able to access a range of features including Starbucks Card mobile payment, store locator, My Starbucks Rewards™ stars, check balance and reload, PIN code protection, widget and balance transfer capabilities. Through the Starbucks® app for Android™ expansion to the UK and Canada, Starbucks mobile payment will now be accepted at nearly 14,000 Starbucks locations worldwide.

Starbucks® App for Android™ Features:

Starbucks® app for Android™, available on Google Play, is available for phones running Android™ 2.2 or above and is designed to offer a rich user experience. Starbucks® app for Android™ allows customers in the U.S., UK and Canada to:

  • Pay with your phone: Enjoy the faster, more convenient way to pay at participating Starbucks stores. Just download the app, enter your Starbucks Card number, scan and go.
  • Pay and reload with PayPal™ (NEW): Pay and reload your Starbucks Card via PayPal on your Android device through the Starbucks® app for Android™ (US and Canada only). Additionally, you can use your smartphone to reload your Starbucks Card using any major credit card.
  • Manage your card account: Access your Starbucks Card balance directly from your phone.
  • Manage and check your My Starbucks Rewards status (ENHANCED): Find out how close you are to earning your next free drink through an easy-to-view My Starbucks Rewards™ history dashboard.
  • Find nearby Starbucks stores: Save time by finding a Starbucks store near you. The locator helps you view the stores through a map view or list view and helps you search for stores based on your needs.
  • Activate a widget (NEW): Core to the Android™ experience, a widget is now available so you can quickly and easily view your balance, My Starbucks Rewards™ star count, Store locator and Touch to Pay icon.
  • Leverage safeguards (NEW): Add another safeguard by including a PIN code protection.
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  1. Whoa the reviews are terrible on this update. Went immediately to the Play store to download but the loud criticism stopped me in my tracks!

  2. I had serious problems after updating starbucks app to the latest version:
    – the app seems to be causing various other apps to randomly start/run in the background;
    – which led to phone running very hot and drained battery qucikly,
    – i even saw my home screen icons/widgets began to flash randomly…

    I’m runing stock ICS 4.0.4 on GNex. Does anyone else have simliar issues?

    1. Did you read the user reviews? If so, you’d find that your results seem to be pretty typical. See my response, below.

      1. Yeah, thanks for the sampling. I have uninstalled the app; this update managed to render my phone unusable. Hope they fix it soon enough.

  3. I agree with all the latest one star reviews. The new version is absolutely terrible. I hope they reinstate the old version until they iron out the bugs.

    1. Or just scrap this one all together. It was better before.

  4. I hate the new update. Wish I could go back to the old one. Sluggish, poor interface design, buggy. I think it caused trouble with my phone when I was trying to make a call right after using it, then my phone got really hot.

  5. When they FINALLY came out with an Android app, the Starbucks app consumed huge amounts of resources, and it took me less than a day to become totally frustrated with the crashes. I switched to My Coffee Card, which used about 1/10 the resources, and has never let me down (other than Starbucks itself which did something to block the ability to download transaction history). In anycase, I am dismayed by all the negative reviews, to see that Starbucks seems to not have learned from that first foray.

  6. same thing happen to me with the new update… thanks to Titanium Backup i was able to go back to the older version. i could not even charge my phone while it was on because the app was sucking so much juice the phone was loosing power while charging.

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