ESPN Radio updated to finally look like an Android app


I hate apps that look like iOS clones. If they’re built by smaller, indie developers, it’s kind of acceptable. However, if a larger organization that has no shortage of resources builds one, I tend to shave off at least a couple of stars from my review. I hate the fact that they can’t even take the platform seriously enough to follow the guidelines.

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Fortunately, following Android’s success of the past year or two we’re seeing a bit of a turnaround. The latest app to have undergone the transformation is ESPN Radio. Hopefully we see the changes brought to the other apps in ESPN’s stable, too.

[via Android Police]


Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. I paid for the last one, I guess they are going to keep this free for the time being. Not sure why it is a whole new app instead of a replacement.

    1. I believe the previous one was outsourced to another development house, while this was done by a team within ESPN (that’s what Android Police says). It could be a reason behind it, maybe because of some issue regarding the transfer of ownership (that’s just a wild guess).

  2. now if they could do the scorecenter app as well…

  3. Nice to see that ESPN is updating ti services to match the consumers need for one thing that I hate the most is seeing any iOS ui on an Android phone. Also included in the 2nd picture is one of my fav podcast called the Basketball Jones listen to it if you are into basketball or a junkie of it, great podcast.

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