Jul 7th, 2012

The Nexus 7 is about to shake the entire Android tablet market, as it could be shipping as early as next week. Its specs are simply unbeatable at a $200 price-point. We know this tablet will be selling like hot pancakes, and with such popularity there is usually an equal amount of developer support attached.

Lo and behold, the 7-inch Nexus tablet is now ready for all hacking glory. It can now be rooted, overclocked, custom ROMs are ready and the UI can even be modified to look like a full tablet UI (as opposed to its current phone-like UI).

As usual, we will warn you about the dangers of going this route. Rooting, flashing ROMs and any form of tampering is not supported by Google or ASUS. Dangers include a high chance of harming your device and/or voiding your warranty. Be sure to read all you can and follow instructions carefully, as all responsibility will fall on your hands, shall something bad happen to your device.

If you are feeling positive about what you are doing, though, all the goodies will be ready for you as soon as the Nexus 7 reaches your doorstep.

Of course, we expected to see these earlier than usual. Not only will this be a very popular tablet, but a fair share of developers already have it on their possession as it was given away to Google IO attendees. We have to give it to the guys at XDA Developers for always working hard to make Android as awesome as it is!

Now that we are all set for the Nexus 7’s glorious release, let’s just sit tight and wait for the mailman. Are any of you rooting your tablets soon?

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