Nexus 7 gets root, ROMs and overclocking before release


The Nexus 7 is about to shake the entire Android tablet market, as it could be shipping as early as next week. Its specs are simply unbeatable at a $200 price-point. We know this tablet will be selling like hot pancakes, and with such popularity there is usually an equal amount of developer support attached.

Lo and behold, the 7-inch Nexus tablet is now ready for all hacking glory. It can now be rooted, overclocked, custom ROMs are ready and the UI can even be modified to look like a full tablet UI (as opposed to its current phone-like UI).

As usual, we will warn you about the dangers of going this route. Rooting, flashing ROMs and any form of tampering is not supported by Google or ASUS. Dangers include a high chance of harming your device and/or voiding your warranty. Be sure to read all you can and follow instructions carefully, as all responsibility will fall on your hands, shall something bad happen to your device.

If you are feeling positive about what you are doing, though, all the goodies will be ready for you as soon as the Nexus 7 reaches your doorstep.

Of course, we expected to see these earlier than usual. Not only will this be a very popular tablet, but a fair share of developers already have it on their possession as it was given away to Google IO attendees. We have to give it to the guys at XDA Developers for always working hard to make Android as awesome as it is!

Now that we are all set for the Nexus 7’s glorious release, let’s just sit tight and wait for the mailman. Are any of you rooting your tablets soon?

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Rooting it the first day it comes! I couldn’t live without titanium backup.

  2. I’m sure I will be rooting. Probably not doing anything with it at first but I’ll probably root out of the box just so it is done with.

  3. I’m leaving it stock, love the new 4.0/4.1 feel and look. Even.4.0 wasn’t laggy and .1 has butter so it should be a great experience.

  4. Gotta love XDA.

  5. Not 100% sure whether I will be getting on or not, but if I do first thing that I’m doing is going back to the Tablet UI personally.

  6. Dangers include a high chance of harming your device and/or voiding your warranty”

    I think that might be exaggerating a little. I’ve rooted around 20 phones and not irrepairably damaged one.

  7. its hot cakes not hot pancakes lol ….but I have bricked a s2 in the past …I’ve done blackberry iPhones and android and there’s always a possibility of nuking it

    1. I thought it was a fun twist on the expression

      1. Me too. I hadn’t understood before “selling like hotcakes”. Now I do. When the pancakes are hot, that is when they’re sold — quickly. Then there gone.

        Points to Mr. Cervantes for creative English, even if it was unintentional ;-)

  8. when does this damn thing ship :( i want mine already

    1. Check you creditcard for charges. Google, like amazon and others, only charges when they ship.

      1. yea i saw the charge on my CC account :) just no tracking info :(

      2. Dont’ think so, they charged mine right away and then my order was cancelled for a google wallet issue. They charge your card right away though…

        1. Mine was not charged until it shipped and they provided tracking number

  9. It’s Achilles heal for media fans and gamers being no expandable storage, Most of those folks would rather pay $50 to $100 more to have an sd slot and even USB host.

    Sure, people might be able to get USB host if you root and if the power to the port supports playback.

    1. The acer A110 is supposedly going to offer micro-SD, (presumably) USB storage, and HDMI-out for the same price. Even the processor will be the same. The only downside to the A110 will be a lower spec’ced screen (high-res screens are particularly good for eReaders).

  10. Woot. Will definitely be rooting mine, if only for AdAway and TiBu (and wireless adb), but no pressing need for custom ROMs on a nexus device. Probably need root to re-enable the USB OTG that google disabled too (boo cloud!)

    Can’t wait for mine/ours to arrive. Ordered the 16GB the day after pre-orders went live. CC still hasn’t been charged, though, so it hasn’t shipped yet.

  11. The reason it doesn’t have a 10 inch tablet UI is because it’s not a 10 inch tablet. The “hack” to make the OS believe it’s a 10 inch tablet is just going to fuck with apps that run on it.

    1. But the main reason for Honeycomb/ICS’s tablet UI was because it felt more like a real computer (not an oversized mp3 player like the iPad’s UI).

  12. Uh, you need to edit this article. There is NOT a HIGH chance you will harm your device. Just a chance. I would not say it was HIGH at all…

  13. I went to a name-branded 10 inch tablet after trying some cheapie Chinese tabs, but even with the increased support buying an Acer brought, my A500 ended up being buggy after being updated OTA to ICS. At this time there seems to be no hard fix for these issues other than rolling it back to HC, and I ain’t goin’ back there.

    The Nexus 7 is my attempt at giving a “real” 7″ tablet a go, and I’m really looking forward to it.
    The Nexus devices get quite a bit of attention in the Android community, so support will not be an issue.

  14. I’d def drop $200 on this. Blows the doors clean off the kindle fore, and especially and other sub $200 tablet. I am actually not a big fan of the 7 inch tab tho. I have the GTab Plus. With exyenos processor and love it, Google should have made it 8.9 for that price point and they would have had a jaw dropper.

  15. Might root or ROM when I get bored of it.
    Til then I’m happy for Google to decide what’s best for me :)

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