HTC One X for AT&T and Rogers, EVO 4G LTE overclocked to 1.8 GHz


From yesterday’s poll Edgar conducted, it’s quite clear that a significant number of Phandroids still love to overclock their devices. And those of you using an HTC One X on either AT&T or Rogers, or the EVO 4G LTE on Sprint might be interested to know that the phone’s have now been taken past 1.8 GHz. If you want to put your own One X on steroids, follow the instructions on this XDA thread.

[XDA Developers via Pocketnow]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. If its stable, then thats pretty awesome. Overkill. But awesoome.

  2. Id like to see the quandrant results

    1. Seem to me it`s rooted and unlocked phone.

  3. doesnt the s4 go up to 2.5?

    1. S4?

      1. snap dragon s4

    2. The Snapdragon S4 is a family – the MSM8960/S4 used here does not go that high.

  4. The HTC G2 went up to 2.0 Ghz. Top that……before the phone insides burn out. LoL!! That’s why I love HTC phones. They can get overclocked so high without having to worry about stability. I overclocked my G2 to 1.4 GHz and it still was stable. Anymore was just ridiculous.

  5. welcome to the tinyurl.com/cozaa3k

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