Jul 7th, 2012

US residents may already be blessed with the option to purchase the Sony Xperia Ion straight from AT&T. Our Canadian neighbors are still waiting, though. And while they are used to a much more diverse and free mobile system it seems Roger may be pulling an American move on them. The Sony Xperia Ion could be coming exclusively, via Rogers.

At least that is what Mobile Syrup’s leaked document claims with the following sentence:

“We are pleased to announce the device will be coming soon exclusively to Rogers.”

We still do not know any other details for our Canadian friends, and we must consider this is still a rumor. The document does seem to have a bit of a discrepancy, as the first sentence states that an announcement would be coming on July 3rd. July 7th is almost over and still no news.

Grain of salt, friends. Don’t forget the grain of salt.

[Via: Mobile Syrup]

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