Did Google fail to impress Google TV fans at IO 2012?


Android fans were short of breath at this Google IO’s keynotes. What is not to love? We got some Android 4.1 Jelly Bean goodness, the $200 Nexus 7 and the Nexus Q were announced and the Google Glass announcements were one hell of a show (with skydivers, bikers and all). But Google forgot about one very important thing at Google IO, and apparently, so did we (surrounded by so much hype). There was no mention of anything related to Google TV.

The Search Giant’s smart TV platform saw its birth during 2010 and its fall seems to be coming much sooner than we expected. We have been hoping for Google’s epic return in this department, but that seems rather unlikely as Google did not even speak about where Google TV stands, and its future, during any of the keynotes. This makes many of us feel like Google is slowly, but surely, abandoning Google TV.

We know the platform is not dead yet. Manufacturers are releasing better and more affordable products. Like Sony’s and Vizio’s newest, affordable options. Plus Google has announced that the Play Store for Google TV will receive a significant update this year.

With that in mind, we know this platform isn’t being let out to die. But why did Google not at least say something, or even acknowledge its existence? A simple “we have some great plans, so stay tuned” would have been enough to let us know that the company still cares.

Instead, all the advertising and hype is mostly being carried out by the manufacturers. This may be a huge reason why some partners are feeling wary of investing too much in it. Not to mention developers, and of course customers.

Google had the opportunity to try to boost Google TV during one of its keynotes, and the sad fact is they did not. Why not give away a $99 Vizio Google TV box to attendees? Or a Sony one? We are sure many attendees would have preferred it over the Samsung Chromebox. Maybe talk a little bit about that Play Store update?

As Google/Android fans, we have high hopes for Google TV. It is a fun platform with much potential, while it has its flaws. It definitely deserves much more than a few developer sessions and some apps being featured at the sandbox.

But instead of complaining too much, we would like to see what you think. After all, you (the customer) is the most important factor here. Do you believe Google should have squeezed in at least a few minutes to give some love to Google TV fans? What else could Google do to bring the platform up? Do you think they are simply giving up on it?

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  1. While there was little mention at the keynotes there was 3 developer classes for just Google TV. They stated that was the most ever at I/O. So I wouldn’t say it was totally forgotten.

    1. I totally agree that it is not forgotten. There was no need to make any huge announcement as they don’t have any big developments just yet. Besides I think there is no competition in this space. Apple TV, Roku are not true competitors because the market share of adoption of all devices combined is low. This market segment will catch steam eventually. Then we’ll see more investment in hardware and software. Google I bet has something more but they are keeping it quiet to see what Apple does next.

  2. I’m a huge gtv fan. I own one. It has so much potential but it sucks right now. The nexus Q will be marked down to $99 in three months too
    -from a huge android fan

  3. Google should really re-think the whole Google TV platform. I currently have the Revue and this are my uses: 5% web browsing, 55% Netflix, 10% Play Music, 25% live tv and the other 5% is just miscellaneous. This is my main problem, I also have a Tivo Box shouldn’t my Google TV also replace Tivo? If Google adds a HD tuner with live Tv recording with the option for customer to buy an external or internal hard drive, just to keep price down, I think they would hace a better chance at surviving.
    On the other hand Google may be waiting for the price of the Tegra 3 chip to come down to start marketing Tegra 3 Google TV with an HD tuner and live TV recording for $199 to $250.

    I think Im asking for too much!!

    1. I have my google tv connected to my dish sat. tv. It costs $4/month for that service but it allows me to use a unified search for Dish Programming, DVR, Amazon, and Netflix. This is a huge difference in how to find programming and tons better than any other set-top box. Great “unified” search for what’s playing and what is available on Dish. I hope that Apple doesn’t sue because of this amazing search.

  4. Yes, google TV needs an upgrade. Really, one upgrade will do for a lot of people. An airplay competitor. I know people who know almost nothing about tech use it even. I don’t want an HTC version, a Samsung version, etc. Give me a google version.

  5. It needs a lot of work. But I would like to see it progress. I think the problem is there is just too much of a battle with content providers.

  6. I have the revue and I love it. Therefore, I’m annoyed at the abandonment by Google. The Play store really doesn’t have any decent apps for it. The ones that are there and “work” are solid, but there’s just a few. If Google would put more effort into support and marketing then developers would have incentive to develop apps.

  7. Google TV has HUGE potential, and I was quite surprised not to see anything announced at Google I/O. I would have been more worried for GTV’s future but I attended several I/O classes on the subject. In the Q/A portion at the end, “no further comment at this time” followed a question, 1. “Any plans to merge the Nexus Q and the GTV platform?” which leads me to believe that this will end up happening at some point (or something similiar). The other question that they actually surprisingly acknowledged was that the next version of GTV will be based off of Jelly Bean and that they hope to incorporate Google’s powerful speech recognition/command software. So for what its worth, I think the GTV platform is far from dead, and this is just the silence before the storm.

    1. What session was this, I’d like to check it out.

  8. seeing that there’s still no Google TV on ANDROID…. YA IT WAS A HUUGE DISSAPOINTMENT!

    1. I don’t think you know what Google TV is. Your comment makes no sense. Google TV IS Android.

  9. What Google SHOULD’VE done is made the Nexus Q , Nexus TV instead…

    1. Yeah instead of the nexus q they could of did a nexus tv instead is what I have been thinking. Who is honestly going to purchase the nexus q at its current price anyways? All I can think about when thinking about the nexus q is GTV honestly.

  10. whats a tv? is that some kind of future advances technology device or something?

  11. I’m one of the few who took a chance on the Sony NSX40GT1 around the holidays 2011. I’m currently quite content with the purchase. But after seeing Google’s announcement that they are housecleaning services like iGoogle, my confidence in their “vision” is somewhat tarnished. I don’t quite understand why they choose to abandon services rather than improve integration between them. Throwing the baby out with the water is the kind of business thinking that will always make them second tier to Apple.

    1. Really? Apple does exactly that kind of thing all the time. That’s one of the reasons they are so successful. They realize when a project isn’t worth it, they scrap it, and move on. Focus is very important. This ranges from old projects like PowerPC to newer projects like Ping.

  12. I was super disappointed! Been waiting months to buy an integrated Google TV and still nothing.

  13. what google should have done:

    release (or have hardware partner) release a nexus box (not cube). nfc, hdmi (in and out) running JB themed/formatted for a tv screen. put all hardware inside of this box. sell it for 100-150.

    if you HAVE to have the middle of room/social cube/thing, then have the cube with nfc and wifi connectivity which tells the nexus box what to do.

    300 is the biggest headscrather of all. ive been trying to find a fair price for the NExus Q (as they currently have it) in my head, and i cant why it should cost anymore than 50/75.

    release the nexus tv box for 100-150 (maybe even 200 if you convince us why we should pay that) and have the social orb/cube for another 30-50.

    1. I thought it has the same SoC as the GNex, or a dual core and the same gpu at least. I think they have it to developers to see what they would do with it more than anything else.

  14. i really like my revue. I would love it if I had a cable box on it (my cable comes from wall) so i dont have hdmi to converge revue/cable.

  15. Google TV and Wallet have been forgotten or efforts have gone into other projects.

    1. You wouldn’t say that if you had attended I/O. In order to make it into the keynote, there has to be a major announcement/release regarding the platform. Just because there wasn’t one for Google TV or Google Wallet doesn’t mean they are toast.

  16. reminds me a bit of wave. a bit ahead of it’s time and Google not showing the patience these need. early adopters are prepared to put up with some oddities to ensure when the market is ready, the platform has matured nicely for general public.
    Come on Google, stick with your ideas and stop wasting developer/testers time along with your own.

  17. I LOVE Google TV and have a finished Google TV app. I think the platform has Huge potential. It’s like turning your TV into a Huge Android phone while giving Independent businesses and content providers a very cost efficient way of basically having their own TV channel/Merch & store. For a veteran band such as mine, having mobile and tv apps in sync with our web content gives us the ultimate independence. Direct to fan/consumer engagement is priceless. Hopefully they will focus more on the platform. Vinnie Brown @naughtybynature

  18. I was super disappointed! Been waiting months to buy an integrated Google TV and still nothing.

  19. Love my revue, I just hope they unlock the bootloader so I can flash custom roms :)

  20. Ikea has their own brand of TV’s being released…i say it’s time for Google to follow suit. shoot, partner with Ikea and you’re already reaching the masses.

  21. GoogleTV needs compelling Apps. I have a Logitech Revue, and it sits there idle… My WD live SMP is much more useful then my Logitech Revue.

    The Logitech Revue needs a real Amazon Watch Instantly App, a real HBO/CINEMAX app, a Local network SMB client that will lunch a media player app that will play all media I have like the WD Live does.

  22. They gave out the new Sony Google Tv to the first 500 people at the Sony All Access Party. I think it was Thursday.
    Edit: the box not the tv.

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