Jul 7th, 2012

Android fans were short of breath at this Google IO’s keynotes. What is not to love? We got some Android 4.1 Jelly Bean goodness, the $200 Nexus 7 and the Nexus Q were announced and the Google Glass announcements were one hell of a show (with skydivers, bikers and all). But Google forgot about one very important thing at Google IO, and apparently, so did we (surrounded by so much hype). There was no mention of anything related to Google TV.

The Search Giant’s smart TV platform saw its birth during 2010 and its fall seems to be coming much sooner than we expected. We have been hoping for Google’s epic return in this department, but that seems rather unlikely as Google did not even speak about where Google TV stands, and its future, during any of the keynotes. This makes many of us feel like Google is slowly, but surely, abandoning Google TV.

We know the platform is not dead yet. Manufacturers are releasing better and more affordable products. Like Sony’s and Vizio’s newest, affordable options. Plus Google has announced that the Play Store for Google TV will receive a significant update this year.

With that in mind, we know this platform isn’t being let out to die. But why did Google not at least say something, or even acknowledge its existence? A simple “we have some great plans, so stay tuned” would have been enough to let us know that the company still cares.

Instead, all the advertising and hype is mostly being carried out by the manufacturers. This may be a huge reason why some partners are feeling wary of investing too much in it. Not to mention developers, and of course customers.

Google had the opportunity to try to boost Google TV during one of its keynotes, and the sad fact is they did not. Why not give away a $99 Vizio Google TV box to attendees? Or a Sony one? We are sure many attendees would have preferred it over the Samsung Chromebox. Maybe talk a little bit about that Play Store update?

As Google/Android fans, we have high hopes for Google TV. It is a fun platform with much potential, while it has its flaws. It definitely deserves much more than a few developer sessions and some apps being featured at the sandbox.

But instead of complaining too much, we would like to see what you think. After all, you (the customer) is the most important factor here. Do you believe Google should have squeezed in at least a few minutes to give some love to Google TV fans? What else could Google do to bring the platform up? Do you think they are simply giving up on it?

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