Rovio planning next game, turns things around by playing on the pigs’ side – Angry Pigs? [Rumor]


Rovio must have broken some kind of record by now. The developer has created what is easily the most popular mobile game of history and has managed to stay relevant for about 2.5 years now. But there is only so much Rovio can do with its birdies, right? Well it seems like it, as the latest rumors indicate the next game will have you playing the pigs’ side.

According to Pocket-Lint’s sources, Rovio is planning to release a game in which those pesky green pigs are the stars. Of course, there are some of us that always wonder why everyone hates the pigs so much. After all, we make bacon out of them – does that make us worst?

Either way, it seems this upcoming game will have you protecting those precious stolen eggs from the birds we have all grown to love. The game will feature a variety of pigs with different abilities, as well as wooden, stone and ice blocks. All for the sake of keeping those little eggs.

The same sources state that the game will be ready before Christmas. Until then, let’s just be happy flinging good ol’ birds.

[Via: Pocket-Lint]

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  1. Not letting these crooks get any more of my money. Already fell for their “free” game, which apparently has $20 in app purchases. No thanks, I’ll support developers with a more honest income sources.

    1. What were you doing buying their shirts and dolls?

  2. This might be interesting. For example, rebuilding towers mid-game? yes!

  3. Maybe you play several pigs who sit there and hope they don’t get hit

    1. Or one where pigs remain perfectly still…in SPACE! ;)

      1. Or under water!

  4. @T-Keith: I don’t know what you downturn on or why you spent $20 on Angry birdsbut I have never paid a penny for Angry Birds.

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