Remember that S III that exploded? Yeah, the owner’s friend kinda put it in a microwave before


You might have heard of the Samsung Galaxy S III that quite randomly (or so we thought) exploded in Ireland. The damage was quite extensive, and did worry at least a person or two about the phone. Let’s face it, nobody likes stuff exploding on a whim.

However, Samsung hired a team to investigate into the claims of the user, and it turns out that the phone actually cause was a little more… human (I was going for stupid there, but opted for the synonym). The phone apparently suffered some water damage, and the owner’s friend put it in a microwave. The heat generated caused the issue, and the owner has retracted his earlier statement.

If anyone happens to be a member on boards.ie, where the owner made the claim, then I urge you make a suggestion to him to follow Phandroid (and request him to forward the message to his friends). If he had, he might have come across my experience with water damage which, even if not successful, would at least not have led to what happened with him.

[Samsung Tomorrow via The Verge]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. And this is why we can’t have nice things.

    1. And that’s why you always leave a note……

      1. I can’t believe only 4 people besides myself got that reference. AD for life.

  2. That friend is probably an iPhone user…

    1. You’re right, all iPhone users are stupid, just like all android users are smart ;)

    2. Give some iSheep some credit. His friend was jealous the S3 is much better than his iCrap.

  3. Yeah, his “friend” put it in the microwave. I’m sure that’s exactly what happened. It’s not possible at all that he was trying to pull a quick one on Samsung and get some internet press while at it.

  4. lol oh boy its got water in it! so i’ll stick it in the microwave cause that makes sense!

    microwaves excite water molecules. having water in the phone would have made the damage done WORSE then if there were no water in the phone and this idiot tried this. sooo dumb

    1. You ever put a music cd in the microwave? The water was the least important ingredient of this stupid cake.

      1. Lol…why would you put a cd in the microwave?

        1. Try an old one for 5 seconds , its very cool, it won’t hurt anything, jut the CD. A small electrical storm on the surface of the CD.

          1. “it won’t hurt anything” except everything involved, your CD AND your microwave will be damaged. its a stupid idea, don’t do it.

          2. It doesn’t hurt the microwave, unless it’s one from the 70’s. If you’re worried, here’s a video.

  5. Another Samsung article! Awesome keep them coming!

    1. Go away

  6. It’s obvious he lied, in order to get his phone replaced, because he probably didn’t have insurance on the phone.

  7. There is no “friend”. His original article did not specify anything about a friend. Means he lied.

  8. Whoa guys… Clearly it was Samsung’s fault that water got in the phone and they put it the microwave. Or they were so baked that they thought it was a t.v dinner. Either which way there was absolutely NO user error. Right??? It only makes sense…

    1. I saw what you were going for there and then you totally ruined it by the baked comment.

      1. Dangit… That’s what I get for trying to be funny…

  9. Moron

  10. Maybe next time this guy should try rice instead.

  11. Personally I expect all my electronic devices to withstand intense exposure to high radiation levels and heat. Samsung: I’m disappointed!

  12. Raveesh, you used “human” as a synonym for “stupid”? That, my friend, is COLD!

  13. Samsung should sue him for libel and slander. I’m not even joking. I guarantee this affected AT LEAST 100,000 decisions when people were torn between this and some other competitor like the One X. Probably a lot more.

    Just some prick trying to get publicity and smear a great device’s track record. I wonder what phone he’s using now.

    1. Probably a crappy iphone

    2. While I don’t disagree that people were most likely influenced by the original story, I don’t see how you guarantee particular numbers of people that were influenced.

  14. lol lozza

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