Jul 7th, 2012

You might have heard of the Samsung Galaxy S III that quite randomly (or so we thought) exploded in Ireland. The damage was quite extensive, and did worry at least a person or two about the phone. Let’s face it, nobody likes stuff exploding on a whim.

However, Samsung hired a team to investigate into the claims of the user, and it turns out that the phone actually cause was a little more… human (I was going for stupid there, but opted for the synonym). The phone apparently suffered some water damage, and the owner’s friend put it in a microwave. The heat generated caused the issue, and the owner has retracted his earlier statement.

If anyone happens to be a member on boards.ie, where the owner made the claim, then I urge you make a suggestion to him to follow Phandroid (and request him to forward the message to his friends). If he had, he might have come across my experience with water damage which, even if not successful, would at least not have led to what happened with him.

[Samsung Tomorrow via The Verge]

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