Official app for the Olympic Games now available on Google Play


The greatest sporting spectacle is just a few weeks away from us, and the organizers have released an Android app to help you keep track of all the events. The app is pretty comprehensive (though some data still needs to be fed in) and what I am most happy about is tablet-support. The features, as detailed on Google Play, are:

Results: Covering all events for the 36 sports for the Olympics and 21 sports for the Paralympics.

Live Schedule: Follow the latest sporting Olympic events that are currently in progress. View results in real-time and share with your friends. View live updates: news, photos and social commentary from the Games.

Calendar Schedule: View day-by-day which sporting events are taking place in the Olympic schedule. Set favourites or reminders to create a personalised selection tailored for you.

Sports: View details of each of the sports; all the latest results, latest news, latest pictures and background information including football, swimming and track.

Medals: View the overall Olympic medal count as they are awarded throughout the Games – by country, by individual and by sport. Learn more about the medals.

Athletes: View all the participating athletes and review their details and current Olympic standings for London 2012. Use the sophisticated search tool to personalise your experience and follow the performance of your favourite athletes.

My Games: Follow any participating country and receive news and updates tailored to your needs. Manage your favourites, reminders and settings. Stay informed: set up notifications and alerts to keep you posted throughout the Games.

The “Presented by Samsung” indicator on the splash screen, and a Galaxy S III ad I spotted makes me believe they might have developed the app themselves as part of their sponsorship, though I can’t be certain of it. What I would love to know, though, is whether similar Samsung ads would be shown on the iOS version, too.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. nice! now i can keep track of the female swimming schedule.

    1. and beach volleyball! just like the ancient Greeks played it … nude

      1. Apparently they’ve changed the rules about dress code. One of the reasons why I didn’t buy a £20 ticket for Horseguards

        1. Nooooooooooooooooooo! (joking?)

          1. They can still wear bikinis, but they can now also wear shorts and sleeved shirts. Given the shite weather we’re having over here, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did that

  2. The ads are in the iOS version too

    1. hopefully they choose to make some really good ones looking to get people to leave iOS for Android. Then again, Apple might ban the app altogether if that were to be the case.

  3. Nice app, but the photos definitely could’ve used some download progress feedback instead of having to wait for the placeholder to disappear.

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