Samsung Denied Temporary Ban Lift On Galaxy Tab Sales – Things Aren’t Looking So Good For Galaxy Nexus Either


As you may have heard, on Friday of last week, Apple was granted a sales ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 here in the states, after U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh . Today, that same judge denied Samsung’s request for a temporary lifting of the ban, just until everything could get sorted out (you know, when a more official ruling could be made on Samsung’s alleged patent infringement). Looks like that’s not gonna happen.

Samsung did appeal the ruling over the weekend, taking the matter to the federal appeals court and while that seems like a shot in the dark, apparently, that court could put the ban on hold while they consider the appeal. Samsung is still trying to work out a similar stay on the sales ban of the Galaxy Nexus, to which Apple is no doubt gloating after the device dropped to $350 and was announced coming out of the box with their newest firmware, Jelly Bean.

Apple is dead serious about the ban, posting a $95.6 million dollar bond just to keep the sales ban in effect (this is just in case the court should later rule the injunction was issued in error). They believe Samsung (although technically, Android) infringes on their speech and search patents. Somebody, please. Just make it all stop…


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  1. This is just crazy crap. Im personally getting sick of reading/hearing about patent infringements. How about Google Build an Awesome Premium High Quality Phone and Tablet. Straight from Google. I loooove android but, fraq. just kill the vampires already!

  2. The office depot I work at is still selling it… when are retailers suppose to stop?

    1. they are allowed to sell of their stock i believe

    2. I don’t believe the retailers are affected from selling stock they have (read it somewhere that seemed credible), Samsung just can not sell them any new devices.

  3. jellybean is pretty awesome. my nexus rocks with it. and your right. the amount of cross suing patent infringment cases is outrageous.

  4. I assuming this was started when or shortly after the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was released. With the Galaxy Tab 2 out now, I dunno what the point of going after the older version would be.

    1. Precedence.

  5. So tired of this…

  6. I hope judges start posting high bonds for apple so when they start losing the law suits they start losing so much money that it would be cheaper to compete instead of suing everyone that make a rectangle with a touch screen and makes calls. But who am i kidding with 100 Bills in the bank that would take a while. To be honest they should fight fire with fire, Samsung and Google should cut all ties with apple a month or two before the release of the new iphone. Google cuts all products for iOS & mac users, and Samsung gives apple a dry season for parts, leaving apple with no supplier and no Google apps and products. When the shortage and crappy quality of the new iphone start showing up, people will start switch or will have a bad taste in their mouths about apple that it would take years before apple can come back from it, cauz realistic no one can build the quality and quantity that apple needs for hardware than Samsung and in that time they need it and would need it if Samsung pull out the last moment. jajajaj it would be a nice way to end the 4th quarter statement for everyone except apple

    1. If they ever floated the idea around, now is the time to pull the trigger.

    2. you serious dont know how much google and samsung earn from apple…..

      1. Would it matter to you if you earned money from Hitler? Time to cut the strings.

        1. I will. As long as I don’t get caught.

    3. We still have the galaxy tab in our store

    4. All google needs to do is pull youtube from Apple products. We’ll see how they’ll like them apples!

      1. That would have the iCustomers complaining big time!

  7. You know those Gamefly trade in commercials? I want to do the same thing only inside an Apple store.

  8. Shouldn’t apple just take it up with google and not samsung, considering it’s vanilla android and not touch wiz? this crap is getting old, wish google would just throw the book at apple. They’ve got to have an ace up their sleave right? Wether it be from the patents they got from Moto or from the (not sure) patents of the notification bar and voice stuff from 1.6 donut.

    1. The ace up their sleeve would be to take away YouTube and Google’s search engine away from Apple. Google is what Siri uses to search the web anyways

  9. This Judge has Apple up her ass. She needs a good flushing out.

  10. Just disgusting at this point

  11. Unfortunately, blogs like this are just preaching to the choir. Nobody who matters reads these types of blogs, let alone hears anything about the topic. The judges treat each case as a separate issue, while refusing to see the big picture, and more importantly, REFUSING to consider the actual validity of the patents involved and REFUSING to consider how broken the system that grants those patents has become.

  12. Apple is the fat kid on the playground with the ball. Everything was great, until someone found a better ball, then Apple cried all the way to the courts. Enough is enough Apple, stop stifling innovation and play nice like everyone used to, at least until you found your balls. Took long enough…

    1. Not commenting on patents validity. Just want to say that I think Apple still have not forgotten how they innovated the PC only to have lost it to MS and the army of OEMs. If this is the case then I can understand why they don’t want a repeat of the late 80’s early 90’s.

      1. They are perfectly capable of opening up and contracting with other OEM’s to offer alternative hardware running iOS, or hell, call it iOS-Lite. Apple wants to control every aspect of the hardware and software to keep the user experience the same and the cash flow coming in. They were destroyed by PC because competition can release a huge variety while simultaneously lowering prices. The same is happening with Android, if they wanted to regain control, it’s time to start thinking with the strategy that worked in the past. Too bad the strategy they decided to go with is patent lawsuits.

  13. If bitches delay me getting Jelly Bean on my Nexus, then, then, then I’ll never buy another Apple product again!! Yeah, that will show them what for!… God, I hate how powerless one lowly consumer is in having any effect on this kind of thing. Let’s organize damn it and stop this ridiculous bickering!

  14. Got my Galaxy Nexus today. Love it!

    1. As of 6:04am EDT, mine is “Out for delivery” (with UPS)! I had no idea when I ordered that I’d be slipping in under the wire.

      1. Mine just shipped! Ordered mine right after reading the article on Phandroid that Apple was trying to ban it.

  15. Samsung just needs to get it moved to a different judge. Lucy Koh doesn’t have a clue what she is ruling on and she has a habit of doing that.(and no I’m not saying that just because I disagree with her, reading her reasoning simply makes you scratch your head and go really?)

    Shame judges like Aslup and Posner (judges who actually studied and understand the field they’re ruling on) are a rare breed.

  16. with all due respect, asking apple for 95 million is like asking your buddy for 4 bucks……what a shame especially if the ban goes through……what will happen to all that dedication to nexus if they cant sell the product to anyone?

  17. lets ban button at the bottom of the page!!!


    THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!

  18. I hate this as much as end user. However, two things that Apple didn’t design are the legal system and the patent system – and Apple is using both of them to the best of its ability to make competing with Apple more trouble than it’s worth. What ever happened to enforcing the “sufficiently inventive” requirement for patents? What ever happened to judges who think for themselves instead of succumbing to the smoke and mirrors, acting like a Best Buy customer being convinced to buy Monster cables?

  19. If Sammy can’t sell those 10.1’s how great would it be if Samsung reps stood outside of apple stores and just gave them away to would-be ipad buyers? Haha…I’ll volunteer to hand them out!

  20. At least its still shipping on Google Play.

  21. How is this possible?

    December, 2011…Koh knows that Apple’s lawsuit has no merit from Apple’s own admittance in leaked not redacted legal documents.By ‘no merit’ I refer to the point of the ban: Apple must prove that Samsung’s use of the patents (voice search, etc) causes financial harm to Apple. This must assume that consumers would purchase Apple products to fill the void created by an absence of Samsung products. This discovery negates Apple’s bullshit patents.

  22. Luckily both the Galaxy Tab & the Nexus have been out for awhile, so sales on both these devices have been declining anyways. It’s time to move on to the next best thing. ie: GS3…..which I’m glad isn’t going through this BS. (at least yet)

  23. Selling iPad getting a Nexus 7. screw Apple


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