Google and Samsung to work together in attempt to reach cross-licensing deal with Apple


Apple’s latest round of favorable decisions in a series of lawsuits stemming from allegations of patent infringement hit close to home in more ways than one. Not only did a court decide to ban sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the US, but a verdict also put a preliminary injunction on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a handset that was co-developed with Google and is viewed as the flagship device of the company’s most recent Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean updates.

At its essence, a ruling against the Galaxy Nexus is an indictment of the Android operating system itself, and Apple will surely want to leverage this in future legal battles. Now Google is looking to take a more active role in settling the dispute, joining forces with Samsung to hopefully reach a cross-licesncing deal with Apple. The deal would look to provide monetary compensation to all parties involved for the use of various elements of intellectual property across Google’s Android, Samsung’s hardware, and Apple’s iOS devices. Obviously, a cross-licenscing deal would be more beneficial to Google and Samsung than simply paying Apple a fee to make sure sales of the devices like the Galaxy Nexus are not halted.

Speaking to The Korea Times, a source within Samsung said, “It’s too early to comment on our game plan (with Google) in the legal battle; but we will do our best to get more royalties from Apple, which has benefited from our technology. The fight is becoming more dramatic and the possibility of a truce in the form of a cross-licensing deal, seems to be becoming likely.”

And such a deal could not come soon enough. The endless patent trolling occurring in the mobile sector seems to have taken center stage over what used to be innovation and healthy competition. We’re not out of the woods yet, but if the time to reach a deal is now, let’s hope those squabbling over slide-to-unlock patents and tablet aesthetics can shake hands and put this chapter behind us.

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  1. See, this is how you play nice. I think this will speak to the informed consumer base, than Google just outright filing their own law suite.

    The back and forth patent wars are not getting us anywhere obviously.

    This is a very sensible way to come to an agreement.

    Take note Apple! You are doing it wrong! Now the whole world knows it!

  2. Ya! Use that Motorola Portfolio!

  3. Since Apple went directly for the Galaxy Nexus, Google had to get involved since it’s as vanilla as you get for ICS/JB and obviously directly from Google. Hopefully a more amicable outcome is actually approved/done instead of just banning left and right.

  4. A very civil move, but I think Apple is going for the jugular and not cash. They have plenty of cash and plenty ego. This will definitely determine what their motive is or not.

  5. Would love to see Sammy go ‘bite me apple’ and cut off their cpus…

    1. That’s what I’m waiting for. Then Apple will just partner with some other company and use their patent portfolio and the rollercoaster keeps running.

      1. Apple is already shifting their display supplier to Sharp, isn’t long before they cut ties with Samsung completely. When that happens, the lawsuits will get really bad, nothing else for them to lose at that point (in their eyes).

        1. Apple already tried this once with LG and it didn’t work and they tried to get different cpu’s and that didn’t work either. They know Samsung is a quality manufacturer and I don’t think they would shoot off their nose despite their face.


            It’s not happened yet, and I agree, it didn’t work with the processors. IMO, Apple is doing this to make it easier to bring a total ban against Samsung without hardware repercussions. At this point I don’t think Apple is making all the right moves, too much Steve Jobs hatred clouding decisions for those who worked with him.

          2. It’s “cut off their nose to spite their face”

      2. It would behoove apple to relax on the Samsung front, because except for Qualcomm they hold a number of LTE patents and if Apple ever wants to make an LTE iPhone they should stop why they are ahead.

  6. Apple doesn’t own the mobile sector like they think they do. Call a truce and let the customers decide. Sad that it has to come to this, and shame on the patent office for letting it get this far. What next, is someone going to patent colors and curved rectangle edges? These judges aren’t playing with a full deck either.

  7. This article just says that Google and Samsung are working together to try to get a deal with the fruit. It doesn’t say anything about the fruit actually agreeing to talk about said deal as of yet.

    1. Yes, but if “the fruit” doesn’t agree then Google can exercise the option of enforcing its patents. Right now Google is taking the high road and trying to settle it amicably instead of attacking first as Apple has been doing.

      1. To me, this is Google trying to give Apple a chance to negotiate. Google is trying to find a peaceful solution to this mess. What happens next is up to Apple. If Apple decides they would rather go to court to continue banning Google products, then I’m sure Google will make them regret that decision. It’s similar to what happened with Oracle, I believe. Google tried to settle but when Oracle decided to go for the jugular, they ended up with their hands severed.

  8. This is such bullshit

  9. Steve Jobs was scum, brilliant, but scum. He created this atmosphere of litigation because he was an insecure prick. Brilliant, but still a prick.

    1. haha reminded me of the cleaning house episode of how I met your mother

    2. What made him brilliant? Coercing Xerox to give him the GUI they developed? Having all of his product built by slave labor? Becoming obsessed with the elimination of a competitor? Treating others around him like trash? Which was it?

      1. I personally couldn’t stand the guy, but scott you have to admit he was amazing at some things; such as getting people to blindly accept his marketing as truth. Grown men acted like little girls around Beiber. I fully agree. Scum dirty brilliant scum

  10. This injunction is absolutely ridiculous and even just having the ability to patent such a broad feature goes to show how bad our patent process is. I should patent the ability for cars to have wheels.

    1. Make sure to ask for Judge Lucy Koh.

  11. Samsung needs to stop the CPU production for Apple, And google needs to pull out Everything that Apple iOS needs of Google to works with. Get away from apple produce a better product.. that simple. Cross license? You are fighting Crap, you are giving Apple what they want and MORE!

    1. They better have to improve their apps for Windows Phone. Also they better make Chrome for Windows Phone.

    2. I wish it were that easy but I fear that they would have so many Anti Trust suits against them in the US faster than anything if they suddenly stopped production for Apple.

  12. While I’d certainly prefer for Google to stall as long as possible, and push to ban importation of the iPhone 5 instead, I hope that other users do see Google as taking the high road, and letting the customer decide in a free market.

    Hopefully Apple comes to the table with a fair deal.

  13. That’s right put some weight on their neck, right before the new iPhone is released.

  14. Not sure Apple has the brilliance of Steve Jobs or
    similar mind any longer. They obviously have product in the pipeline from Jobs
    ideas and marketing pitch and salesmanship for another 5 years but what happens
    when that runs dry. Apple would the same company before Jobs took over, No
    money, far from innovating and on the verge of bankruptcy.

  15. I hope that Apple lovers are taking note. “The endless patent trolling occurring in the mobile sector seems to have taken center stage over what used to be innovation and healthy competition.” This hits it right on the head. ‘Apple = self preservation & $$’, while ‘Google = sharing and innovation’. Which would you rather support as a consumer?

  16. I just love these battles between major corporations. Doesn’t really matter who is right or wrong.. in the end, it is the consumer that loses out. I fail to see how we (I mean ALL) consumers benefit from less choice in the market. I wish these judges would throw all these lawsuits from Apple out and say, “Listen Apple, you have more money than most countries in Europe right now. You can’t in good faith cite financial damages as your reasoning. Also, it is clear that Samsung is not truly benefiting from taking any of your supposed technology. Quit taking up the court’s time and work out some sort of deal between the two of you, and if you can’t, then tough shit!”

  17. I’ve bought my wife, daughter, and myself a galaxy nexus in the last 3 days. I hope they actually get shipped before this mess stops them. A 349 smart phone can’t be beat. According to this ban they could use it for any Android device out there. This has to be stopped or in theory Apple could kill Android in USA. Cross licensing sounds too much like conceding because your guilty. I hope Apple doesn’t see that as weakness.

    1. Apple will not negotiate though, but it’s a move Google must make to persuade the judge that Google has done their due diligence to negotiate, and make the case that Apple is pursuing a monopoly.

      1. This is a much better explanation than conceding to Apple! This really is Apple trying to be a monopoly. Most companies try to be a monopoly for money and Apple does it out of arrogance.

  18. This is bad for the economy (tongue in cheek). Think about it, if there is a truce, there will be so many patent lawyers out of work from Apple!

    1. Google needs to dig up Steve and kick him in the balls.

  19. F apple

  20. Look at both companies keynotes over this past month or so, Apple constantly stuck Google and Android with childish digs and pathetic games while Google and Android never even mentioned Apple once. That is the difference between the two, Google is a company that doesn’t dick around and Apple has this atmosphere of negative bull shit that takes their current address to the court house stairs. Very sad for a company to act like a little kid in a playground who just had his ball and bat taken away from him. Apple is being seen for who they truely are, a company that is using slave labor to build a locked down piece of junk made of glass that is undersized, under clocked, over priced and is basicly a bunch of home screens with applications made by 3rd party developers. Apple is yesterday, Google and Android is the future of the smartphone. .

  21. I know it will be a bit of a blow for the Android OEM’s. But if all Android OEM’s dropped the US and left it to Apple (without any Google services)/M$ to fight it out perhaps somebody would realise the lacks in “the system”. It’s a relevant market but not that crusial and I think even M$ could even Apple. and eventually leave the patent system and lawyers in dust :-)

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