HTC teases the Droid Incredible 4G on Twitter


We’ve got the biggest indicator yet that the Droid Incredible 4G will be released this coming week, straight from the official Twitter account of HTC USA. We expect it’ll cost $149, since it’s going head to head with the Samsung Galaxy S3, but since it doesn’t quite match up to it (especially accounting for the rumored loss of the ImageSense technology that allows the burst-image capability on the One X).

[via HTC USA Twitter Account]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. It would be about time!

    1. I gave up and got an iPhone on Tuesday. So far, I’m pretty happy with my decision (aside from the fact that I spent over 6 months waiting for a reasonably-sized, high-performance, Android phone instead of getting an iPhone 4S when it came out).

      I probably would have kept waiting if Verizon hadn’t forced my hand with their unlimited data changes. Too little, too late Verizon/HTC/Google.

      1. I believe you could have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3 and kept your plan (I’m not a 100% certain about this)

        1. Or got a Galaxy Nexus. Which is a “reasonably-sized, high-performance, Android phone”

        2. Sorry, I define reasonably sized as having a 4.0″ (or, preferably, smaller) screen.

      2. Another sheep added to the flock.

        1. People that make those types of comments are just as sheepish, bro. Grow up and deal with your inferiority complex.

  2. at this point who cares, this phone is garbage anyway…

    1. Nah, it’s nice.

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