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The Google Analytics team has released a couple of really useful tools at I/O. The first is an Android app that allows you to to track your data on your mobile device. The second, which I’ve mentioned in the title, is a much improved Analytics engine for mobile app developers.

I just installed the Google Analytics app, and I’m really impressed by it. You can customize your dashboard to add whichever metric you want to see, besides also the automatic and customized alerts you can set up on the website. What I really like, more than anything else, is the real-time data available. If you’re using Google Analytics for your own website (and you probably are) then you’re probably going to want this. I won’t say its a replacement for the website, but it’s definitely a great add-on.

The improved Analytics engine for mobile developers is what I’m more excited about. I was pretty disappointed by the existent offerings, so much so that it became the topic for my Bachelor Thesis that I submitted three weeks back. From the information on their blog post, it sounds pretty exhaustive, and more importantly customizable(more importantly, in my opinion, because I believe that tracking analytics on mobile apps is a vastly different ball game as compared to websites, which was my major issue with the existent tools).

One of the features worth mentioning is the ability to track Google Play traffic sources. Visibility on Play is a huge issue currently, and hopefully this would help developers understand how they’re performing. There’s also app crash analytics and some of the regular new/active users and devices tracking information. If you’re interested, you should really check out the complete blog post over here, and sign up for the beta.

[via Google Analytics Blog]

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