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What do we want? Google Now. When do we want it? Google…now. Easily one of the coolest features shown off as part of Android’s Jelly Bean update, the system of smart cards is designed to learn about the location and search habits of users in order to create automatically updated tiles of information that are available at the touch of a finger. The idea is that Google will answer your question before you even have it.

What’s the score to the game? Google Now knows your favorite team and keeps you updated. How long will the commute to work take? Again, Google Now predicts where you are headed and when you will be going to offer route advice. Those are just a couple examples of what the service can do, and if it is half as cool as it sounds on paper it is sure to become a mainstay of the Android OS. In case you need a refresher on just what Now is all about, Google has launched a landing page to provide a few more details. And then ask yourself the question: Google Now or Google Big Brother?

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  1. This is an amazing addition to android. I have JellyBean and i was searching about the Texas Rangers. 5 Minutes later one of the card had their current game going on and when the game finished i had a notification saying the game is over.

    Voice Search has gone thru a great update as well. Though it may not have conversational skills like Siri, Google Voice Search simply gets stuff done.

    Thanks Google for such a great update!!!

    1. What device do you have Jelly Bean on?

      1. There are ROMS for the Galaxy Nexus out now, based off the build released at the I/O. (note: you need to be rooted)

      2. I have it on the Galaxy Nexus GSM. Got it when it was put up last night. So far im greatly impressed

  2. It doesn’t work super well at the moment. I tried getting the scores for the Euro 2012 games and it failed.

  3. This is the kind of stuff I could actually use. It’s functional, not a useless toy…

    1. and by useless toy u mean Siri? :-P

  4. Google Jarvis :)

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