Unlocked Galaxy Nexus sees price cut to $349 in Google Play Store


Google is busy getting the Play Store up to date for their Google I/O announcements, and it looks like one currently available device is also getting a tweaked listing today. The unlocked version of the HSPA+ Samsung Galaxy Nexus has seen its price reduced from $400 to $349.00, which is quite the deal considering the phone remains among the upper echelon of Android devices as Google’s main developer phone for the time being. Now we just need confirmation that this thing will get Jelly Bean.

[via Google Play | Thanks, Jerry!]

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  1. Just ordered nexus 7, couldn’t resist :)

  2. It’s still showing $399 for me.

    1. Galaxy Nexus HSPA+
      Currently only available in the USA.
      IN STOCKDelivered in 3-5 business days. Shipping calculated at checkout. Learn more›

      1. NM, it shows up as $349 in the cart, though with CA sales tax that still comes to $385, which isn’t bad.

  3. It’s a nexus, it will get jellybean…I can confirm that. Now, the VZW galaxy nexus on the other hand, no promises. ;-p

  4. My prediction: Google Play devices will shape the Android landscape.

    1. That is what the Nexus devices are for.

  5. Google needs a Hardware tab in the store now.

    1. You mean like a Devices section?

  6. Price is how you dominate. GJ Google.

  7. Now if they would just put the Verizon version on there I’d buy a couple for my family.

  8. Can’t decide between this or a new Galaxy S3. OBVIOUSLY the S3 is a much better phone in terms of hardware specs. But, if I get the Nexus I don’t have to renew my contract, but with the S3 I’m locked down for two more years. My rate plan is grandfathered, so the value plan argument doesn’t apply to me.

    Ahhh what to do. Get Nexus contract free, or S3 with 2 yr contract…decisions decisions decisions!

  9. Will this work on Sprint? All I see is t-mo and att. Sorry for the newbie question.

    1. It only works with GSM/HSPA+ Networks (T-mobile/AT&T) and Sprint uses a WiMAX network so the Nexus doesn’t support Sprint. Just buy a Tmobile 4g pre-paid plan and you’ll be fine…

    2. No. Sprint and Verizon use CDMA technology; T-Mobile and AT&T (and most of the rest of the world) use GSM, which is what this phone has.

  10. WOW, this is actually a low price. Google is taking a huge hit selling this phone at that price

  11. I believe Google already confirmed the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus will be the first device to get Jelly Bean.

  12. I’ll wait for the JELLY BEAN NEXUS

  13. Would be awesome to see a CDMA version.

  14. For anyone upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus from a previous smartphone, Samsung will pay you for your old one! They’re going to give me $75 for my Samsung Vibrant. See here:

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