Android surpasses 400 million total activations, 1 million new activations per day


Google has updated us on total Android activations to kick off today’s Google I/O keynote. What stood at just over 100 million total activations last year has grown four times to surpass the 400 million mark. This is in no small part thanks to the 1 million activations a day Android is experiencing. Tremendous growth for the platform considering that three years ago it barely held any stake in the smartphone market. Today it is the number one smartphone operating system in the world.


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  1. it would be nice if the morons that write apps for their companies (can you hear me cablevision etc) realize that apple only is so 20th century

  2. I’m sure the folks at Apple are quite irked by these numbers. The number of apps is also close to the number of apps on iOS (600,000 vs 650,000), so that will be overtaken in the near future as well.

  3. Ur Share button on ur app doesn’t share shit. It comes up as a empty post.

  4. This is a serious Milestone for Google. Keep the avalanche momentum going

  5. @ wrinkled,

    They say that these are all new phone activations, not just a flashed rom.

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