Jun 27th, 2012

Ready to chat the latest Android developments from Google I/O with a community of phandroids at the world’s best Android forum? We’ve got you covered. Google Project Glass, the ASUS Nexus 7, and Nexus Q will be the talk of the town and are sure to stir up plenty of conversation for the next few months, so why not hop right into our forums dedicated to each project?

If tablets are your thing, look no further than our forums for the newly announced Nexus 7 with Android Jelly Bean. Fancy yourself a mediaphile? The Nexus Q forum is the spot to hang out. Feeling a bit more futuristic? Head on over to the Project Glass forum.

We’re looking forward to the community’s response to these new devices, so check out their accompanying forums and let’s hear what you have to say!

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