Latest version of Firefox for Android comes to market in stable form


The Firefox beta was updated yesterday, but today the stable version of the app has finally received the latest changes. The latest version of Firefox introduces a new rendering engine that allows them to load and render pages much faster and with much better performance.

Firefox have refined not only their HTML5-based rendering engine, but the performance and aesthetics of the browser as a whole. As clunky as the old version was this update is a night and day difference.

Features like Firefox Sync, the Awesome Screen, and more converge to give you a nice new option for mobile browsing. Oh, and there is flash support. That sound good enough for you? Take it for a spin in the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. web pages load so slow, no text finding, no text section, need addon for desktop view. need a lot more work to even come close to be on para with opera.

    but the instant open is really really nice and scrolling too, the only browser that can do that on my GNexus.

  2. All my flash content keeps telling me my flash is outdated when using firefox beta but the same content works perfectly fine within Maxthon so yeah flash is a dud for firefox right now and thats one reason I will be sticking with Maxthon for 10: tabs over firefox on my 7 inch Nook Tablet running CM7.

    For that one person who downvoted me how is it my fault that flash isnt working in firefox for me? I strictly use firefox on my desktop and havent had any issues with it.

    On top of that Maxthon lets me view the free stuff hulu has on their website everything else tells me it cant be viewed on my device just need to have the latest version of the browser tho just need to keep it updated is all.

  3. Not to shabby on Galaxy Nexus.

  4. im testing it now.. i wish that everyone could use Chrome….. it is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better.! there are good features on Firefox, but there are better on chrome.

  5. Kind of cool, but double-tap to zoom is not zooming very much on my phone.

  6. Testing and………..Errr………the new fox is freaking slow! I had removed the Firefox immediately within minutes! Epic Failure form Firefox!

    Dolphin Browser HD is still the fastest and the best browser on mobile!

    Everyone should download the Dolphin Browser HD!

  7. Doesn’t work on Verizon Galaxy Nexus (4.0.4).

  8. Dolphin still loads way faster

  9. I had the beta and installed the new version yesterday with my battery at 100% , opened one tab with it and turned off wifi. Then after 3 hours 45 mins, my phone says it is at 15% battery life and I checked what’s up, Firefox was using 50% cpu while the phone was in standby. Me not happy.

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