Jun 25th, 2012

Phandroid will be covering Google IO LIVE in San Francisco this week and there is sure to be a hefty list of awesome Android announcements at what has become one of the tech world’s most significant annual events. If recent history repeats itself, Google will be giving out the latest and greatest hardware to attendees… and we’re giving it all away to our readers.

This is the 1st of the 3 contests and to win you’ve got to guess what Google will give away. We’ve already seen leaked specs of the rumored Nexus 7… is that what they’ll give away? Will it have any surprises? Will they throw in something crazy like a Google TV set top box?

Don’t expect to horde all the rumored specs and submit your entry at the last possible minute because any close calls or judgement decisions will be awarded to the entrant who posts first. Not only will that give you incentive to act quickly, but we hope you’ll share the contest with friends after you’ve entered since you’ll no longer be competing directly with those posting after you.

Here are all the juicy details… +/Like/Retweet if you like this contest!

The Prize:

  • Winner will receive all of the Google IO 2012 attendee gifts announced in the keynote speeches (assuming they are transferable).

How To Enter:

  • In the comments below, make your guess as to what gifts Google will give attendees at Google IO 2012
  • Leave your comment before Google begins their first keynote at Google IO 2012 which is scheduled for June 27th at 9:30AM Pacific
  • Provide as many details as possible

Selecting a Winner:

  • Winner will be selected and announced on Monday, July 2nd
  • Winner will be selected at the sole discretion of Phandroid staff
  • Selection criteria will include (but are not limited to) time of post (earlier the better), amount of correctly guessed details (the more the better), percentage of correctly guessed details (lots of wrong guesses count against you).

Rules & Regulations:

  • One entry per person
  • Phandroid reserves the right to disqualify entrants for any reason including (but not limited) to: submitting multiple entries, creating multiple accounts for the purpose of entry, adjusting comment details, or any act in attempt to circumvent the normal rules/process for the purpose of winning.
  • Google employees and/or employees of Phandroid and Neverstill Media are not eligible to win
  • No individuals with prior and special informed knowledge of Google IO 2012 keynote speech are eligible to win
  • Must be 18 or older to win
  • International entries accepted, but (all) winners may be asked to pay for shipping and handling
  • Included gifts/prizes are limited to those announced in the Google IO 2012 keynote speech
  • Actual shipment date of prizes is too be determined.

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Happy Guessing! And don’t forget to check in ALL WEEK for our LIVE COVERAGE of Google IO 2012!