Verizon Equipment Guide confirms July 5 launch date for Droid Incredible 4G LTE


Rumors of a July 5th launch date for the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE on Verizon have been momentarily confirmed by the latest edition of Big Red’s Equipment Guide. The phone, which was announced back in May, was initially expected to launch shortly thereafter, but has been pushed back for undisclosed reasons that likely have more to do with slotting the device into VZW’s summer lineup than any sort of hardware hangups.

Worth noting is a price listed as $199. It is widely believed that the Incredible 4G LTE will sell for $150, especially considering the pricing of the more powerful Samsung Galaxy S3 at $199. The Equipment Guide pricing likely does not reflect any mail-in rebates or instant discounts.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Looking forward to checking this phone out. Really like the Inc1 and 2. Nice to see a 4G LTE phone that isn’t huge yet still comes with the Krait SOC.

  2. I can’t be the only one who only cares about the off-contract pricing at this point (because of the whole unlimited data fiasco). I would assume the “Equipment Guide” has that information, so I’m disappointed that it isn’t being reported.

    1. Yea, my girl has the OG Dinc and wants a smaller phone than available now. We are going to a corporate store today so she can play with what’s out but I’m considering using her upgrade on the S 3 and than selling it and paying full retail for this so we can keep unlimited.

      1. sounds like a smart idea to me

  3. 720p LCD and I would get this phone. I like the 4″ form factor.

    1. That would be 367ppi by my calc, and pointless. 960×540 is almost a perfect resolution for 4.0″ at 275ppi. At that pixel density I’m far more concerned with color accuracy, black levels, viewing angles, etc.

    2. HTC Rezound has that amazing screen and is only 4.3″ — yeah, not the 4″ you are looking for but it’s not crazy-huge.

      1. It’s a little thick and uses a last gen cpu/gpu that did not hold up that well to the new Krait chip on Anandtech’s test. The screen is beautiful though. My plan right now is to preorder the S3 to keep unlimited data and sell it and wait for my perfect “smaller” phone.

  4. How is this phone coming out before the Samsung Galaxy S3? (-___-)

    This seems to be a solid phone, but let’s be honest. This phone is not a game changer and really HTC shortchanged Verizon with this offering, especially if you look at the One series specs.

    But hey to each is own and someone tell Verizon I want my preorder of the SGS3 sooner than later… Have a good one people #Android

  5. HAHAHAHA. This is the same equipment guide I use at work (Verizon Wireless Prepaid Tech Support). This is hilarious. It normally watermarks our employee number/login so they can tell who leaked the information.

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