US launch of ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity set for July 16, 32GB for $499


ASUS has set a release date for their high-end Transformer Pad Infinity TF700. The tablet first dazzled us at CES back in January before ASUS unveiled a new tablet strategy at Mobile World Congress that would see the TF700 take over as their premium Android slate in a lineup that includes the Transformer Prime and Transformer Pad TF300. The tablet’s claim to fame is it’s hi-res 10.1-inch Super IPS+ display rocking a 1900 x 1200 resolution and pixel density of 224ppi. The tablet is powered by NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 chipset at 1.6GHz coupled with 1GB of RAM.

The WiFi version of the Transformer Pad Infinity will launch July 16th in the US and is priced at $499 for the 32GB model and $599 for 64GB. As its name implies, it will also be compatible with the Transformer line’s trademark keyboard dock, which will be priced at $149. An LTE version of the tablet is in the works and will deploy Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset. Availability and pricing for that edition of the Transformer Pad Infinity is yet to be announced.

[via TheVerge]

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  1. They couldn’t have made the screen 20 pixels wider for proper 1080 HD resolution?

    1. Derp. “proper 1080 HD resolution” is 1920 by 1080. This has 1920 by 1200. Which makes it better than proper HD (I’m not sure where you;re going with those extra 20 pixels…)

      1. E-peen. It’s all about the length when you don’t know wtf your speaking about.

        1. My fail :)

      2. I’m guessing he got it using basic maths:

        1920 – 1900 = 20



    2. Yup, Phandroid have got it wrong. It’s actually 1920 by 1200

  2. I recently purchased a the Transformer prime TF201 and I love it. Maybe ill sell my current unit and buy this new model!

  3. Was this formerly known as Transformer Prime HD or Transformer Prime TF700? Or is there another Asus tablet coming that’s even better?

  4. I don’t follow Asus much – perhaps this has already been addressed: will this unit require that large GPS dongle?

    1. nop.

      it locks on satelites fast now.

      1. thank you!

  5. What? Phandroid got it wrong?

  6. Just curious to those who plan to purchase this new ASUS device: How are you justifying this purchase to yourself when the GNex Tablet is
    likely going to be very close in hardware, potentially better software (4.1 / updates) and costs around 50% less?

    Things like screen size differences, etc won’t matter to me as long as there is a video output capability such as MHL, HDMI, DisplayPort, etc.

    1. lol you are really comparing the two? Everything about this Asus tablet is better spec’d. Way better display, way faster CPU and most of us use ROM’s. AOKP will have Jellybean at release

  7. what about canada, same release date?

  8. I wouldn’t pay $500 for a tablet these days. Hopefully Google changes the market rate of tablets by introducing theirs.

  9. I got the Acer A700, same screen, less money. I love it, much better than the TF300 I sent back for it, I am just not very impressed with Acer’s build quality. A Swiss user over at XDA has one in hand (they’re out already there), and he says it has a lot of flex and give, and just feels plastic and cheap, definitely NOT what a tablet of this caliber, and price should have.

    1. Asus lately has been putting BMW caliber hardware inside of Yugo bodies, say what you will but the Acer just feels solid.

  10. I’m glad I still have about 25 days to return this Toshiba excite 10 I just bought from best buy lol

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